I Need A Little Help!

Ladies (GG and T-Girls),

Where does one go to find a decent selection of heels if you have larger than normal feet? I have tried scouring the internet for a sexy pair of size 12 peep toe pumps and they either stop by size 11 (or smaller) or they are clunky. Damn it...I have the right to sexy shoes too without having to pay hundreds of dollars for what others can get for a fraction of the price!! :P

Thanks in advance,

ClaireDuvalle ClaireDuvalle
36-40, T
9 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Quite lucky myself as i still fit regular woman size shoes and there seem to be loads of cool high heels in the shops these days.....

I shop here (athough i use the shop as it's local):
Lots of cool shoes in large sizes and very TV friendly. Don't know how their worldwide distribution is but have a look.

Try amazon I have seen some nice woman's heels and not clunky that go up to size 14 and you will pay a fraction of a retail store

Not sure about 12's but when I shopped payless they had 11 1/2 and the sales lady seemed to have larger sizes than that. Worth a try anyhow.

This is where the advantage of being a petite male with small feet comes in handy ladies shoes fit perfectly

Try Pierre Sibler.com. They have a large selection of heels up to size 16. Their prices are fairly inexpensive. I wear a size 12 and usually buy them there or electriqueboutique. Happy shoe hunting !!!

Another place to try is payless shoes.

Thanks for the response Sherry...I will check them out! :)


They have a good selection and carry up to size 17 in some of their shoes.