What's More Feminine Than High Heels?

Nothing! When I put on a pair of heels it makes me feel so feminine. I have to wear stockings or pantyhose when I wear heels, and slipping them on over my nylon clad foot feels so right. I hate the bare leg movement, and believe stockings just give a finished look. My favorite heels are sling backs with a peep toe, so sexy.
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14 Responses Oct 20, 2012

Heels make me feel like a woman.

You are sooooooo right. Hosiery and High Heels were always meant to be worn together and that feel of slipping your feet into a pair of high heels is so exhilarating.

totally agree

All I can say is high heels make a woman's legs so sexy..." and with stockings -Wooo

I luv all ur responses, but my preference is RHT stockings with a nice HHsandal or clear slide, I love to see a womans foot and red nail polish!

I totally agree with you ! Heels and hosiery are awesome !! Once tried them on I was hooked ! I now wear hosiery every day and heels as often as possible. Love heels and hosiery !!! Happy wearing !

Is the answer a vagina?

You are right! I like it

I agree. I asolutely love heels.

i love the way legs look in heels and pantyhose long and sexy

yes u are right they feel great and u can show off i my self like pantyhose and boots or a pair of pumps so rock on and keep wearing heels

Only the girl wearing the heels is more feminine.

Oh I love the look and feel of sling backs. And with the peep toe you have the opportunity to do your toe nails up just right.

We are definitely of the same mind with this.

You sooo right! Whenever I wear nylons or pantyhose I MUST wear some sexy slink high heels. Then I AM GORGEOUS! (and Beautiful) and FEMININE LIKE A GOERGOUS GIRL.
We are definitely soul mates on this point!
Go out and conquer the world in your sexy leggy pantyhosed legs and slinky sexy strappy heels.


Absolutely LOVE the shoes in your avatar.

Jami I like your way of thinking. Though I do not get a lot of time to be in heels I sure love it when I do, and yes stockings or pantyhose/tights are a must. Then and only they does it look oh so sexy to me.