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Sunshinemadz In H33ls

I want to share one of my addiction and im really into shoes especially HIGH HEELS and I have here few photos of me wearing it..
so.. Why I love wearing a high heels? well it's not just to make me look taller but it makes me feel fabulous, more sexier, it boost my confidence every time I wear it, it makes ME proud walking in them and I can see how my man look in me and droll (laugh hard) 

madz1smyname madz1smyname 31-35, F 33 Responses Nov 2, 2012

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Sexy legs and heels😛

I love to see women in heels. I admire they are are able to walk in them. I also love your long hair.

Your legs are so sexy, I love those pumps. Your a beautiful girl.

You look very pretty in your sexy outfit and elegant peep-toe heels!

you are sexy in your heels.

These pics are so hot you are sexy and so are your peep toe patent heels

Very sexy!!

Very nice heels!

Nice. Show us more of your heels.

You've got a sizzling look going on in those heels. Wow! Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Great looking legs ! And a body to match ! Gorgeous heels !!!

Thank you for sharing, you have great looking legs and your high heels just add to how great your legs look!!! :-)

You look fabulous in those heels.

salamat :)

LOVE THESE PHOTO's.... Thank you for making me smile today...... Very happy man !

haha :) np

Good looking lady with pretty legs and sexy's not an's just meant to be!

wow-just WOW!!!!

ur wow too hehe

Very lovely photo of you. Thank you for sharing that.

your welcome

I like hi heels in bedroom

Appreciate finding a woman who likes showing off her assets. You look fabulous. If I were your man I would tie you up and give you a night you would cherish forever.

Thank u dear :)

yeah I would have to agree, and they are good at building calve muscles.

Works for me too... ( wolf whistle here.... ) ..... You do look sexy and taller too :P
As a guy I prefer women in heels, rather than any other shoe type. Time and place... reasonable of course. Your still young and inspiring .. keep up the good work... sd

thank u sd :)

Hope to read some great stories from you down the road.... cheers... sd

Sexy legs!!!

You look gorgeous

Very pretty pics!

Very nice, do you also have sexie feet

I love how they look as well and how you feels sexy but what they do for your legs is unbelievable

Wow, those heels really show of a sexy pair of legs. I'm sure more than your man drools when seeing you in heels. Hot pics. Thanks for sharing.

Wow....the 1st and 3rd heels looks sexy! But the 2nd, you legs are sexier! Hahahah

Wow you are an amazing beauty. <3 ;)

Ah yes, fortunately my wife shares your love of sexy heels - lucky me! She almost never wears anything else but heels - and when we go out, usually stockings & garters to go with them. Nothing sexier to finish off an outfit for a lady! Lovely pictures, by the way!

thank u :)