I Love My High Heels!

Unless I'm hiking, I'm in my heels. I am 5 feet tall and wearing heels makes me almost average height! I wear my red heels to dominate and my black ones for submission. I don't think there's anything sexier in the bedroom than heels and handcuffs.
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21 Responses Nov 6, 2012

I will choose the black ones for you then!

I would lick you for hours in your red heels or **** your cute little *** in black. Color coding roleplay is a cool concept. :-)

I would want to see both colors on you.

I agree plus a sexy lingerie ;)

Bravo, dear lady!! Heels and cuffs, yes, yes, yes.

I soo agree!!!
it took me a long time but I finally realized that after the initial eye contact, I look at the shoes and go up from there... recently my g/f proved it... she came out in a pirate outfit and eye contact and then heels, legs, short skirt, breasts, hair lips, eyes. she said the look on my face was priceless,,, I say her outfit was priceless!!! lol

Love to see you in your red heels!

Like you, I am tiny (4'11"). So, I am in heels pretty much all the time. And mine a very high; all above 5".

I agree! I would love to have sex with a woman and she wears nothing but heels or thigh high boots like yours.

I totally agree with you ! Heels, cuffs and hosiery.... the sexiest combination !!!

I might add stockings to that mix, but it's a very good list. You seem to have a very good understanding of sensuality.

You should hike in your heels too. Its sexy when they get dirty!

Mmmmmmm! I so want to see you in your red heels.

I believe you are correct!

Love your pix...any chance we can see you in red heels?...

Hmmmm..even more interesting: a switch!!

Ah, any gal is more sexy in heels - and even MORE sexy when she understands their allure!

Heels, great legs, pert bum and nylons are perfect even when hiking - although I suppose they slow you down a little!

Heels are the best, thank you for sharing.

I know that feeling. I am 6'6" w/o heels I wear them because of how they feel and make my legs look so much better. I have warning signs near all ceiling fan's "Warning low bridge".

Super hot and sexy!! Love the color codes in your spikes. Do you have a favorite style? Pumps, ankle straps, boots?

SEXY!!!! So rare tor find women like you today that understand the power and lure of heels and erotic footgear!! I would love to join your circle and see your pictures, I am sure they are very classy. How say you, fair lady??

Very sexy!! I love to hear of women that can wear heels and enjoy it. Awesome story!!