I love high heels,they always make me feel sexy.I'm 5'3" so the height is a bonus.They always make any outfit more dressed,which I love.They're very sexy and feminine.They bring out a powerful femininity in me,and they look wonderful too!

Trikka Trikka
18-21, F
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how high do u wear them and do u have any photoes of them??

agree...a woman in heels is so sexy...luv to see you wear them...thanks.

how high do u wear them??

Perched in high heels and tightly laced into a corset and my blood turns to pure estrogen! Yummy!

Smurfie,<br />
You're only slightly taller than I am and I wear even up to 6" heels sometimes. I will let you in on a little secret. There are men out there who are absolutely turned on by tall girls, giantess and amazon women too. I would say wear them and enjoy the ride!

AfricainChocolate,<br />
Like anything else it will take practice. Since you're not used to them try a pair of mid height heels and wear them an hour a day around the house. After a week increase to two hours and another week and 3 hours. Wear them while you clean house and daily household chores. Pretty soon you will be comfortabe in them and will want to wear them for your lover. Pretty soon you'll be wearing heels everywhere!

a lady in tall heels turns heads where ever she goes. she just becomes everymans sex goddes

a lady in tall heels turns heads where ever she goes. she just becomes everymans sex goddes

great they are, I am 5'7 and love them but cannot wear it at all, not used to it.

I was hooked from the first time I put a pair of heels on. I felt so feminine and sexy. 95% of my shoes have heels above 3.5".

High heels look great on any woman. They add shape to the leg, raise the butt and are just plain sexy. No matter how tall or short the woman is, high heels make her look and feel sexier.

I love high heels but have a bit of a problem. I am 1,84 metres tall and if the heels are too high, it makes me feel and look like a giant.

you are correct ,before marriage my wife was wore high heel,she is 511'' tall ,now she not wearing them ,but i like to see she is on chunky high heel

As a gentleman, they make a lady look sexy and classy especially with nylons and wearing pumps :)

I like that they promote good posture... and make the chest stand out.

agreed. I am 5'2'' and I wear heels.

I completely agree!