Heels Are Great

I like my legs, and I like them even better with heels. I'm 5' 7'' with heels I'm over 6' so I guess sometimes I intimidate guys, but a nice dress + nice pair of heels = turn lots of men heads.
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Do you have pictures to share? Please?

Go ahead and rock your heels.. real men will appreciate and not be intimidates...

I'm 6' and I'm not intimidated when a lady in heels is taller than me. Matter of fact I am pretty comfortable with all the looks you'll be getting. I'm thinking as I see them.. 'That's right! I'm going home with her... :)"

And ladies head, love a women towering over me looking dominant x

lol .... and some women too .... Even been with another gal ? you know sensually, sexual...

What about Rht stockings Will you wear them

Yep a nice pair of legs, heels and a dress certainly turns heads. ;)

You go girl!!! The only thing makes heels look better is hosiery I love a woman in hose especially if she has pretty feet. Do you have pretty feet? Would love to see pics of yours in hose.

I hear ya sista

Seeing a woman in heels is very sexy! They look good in dresses, skirts, casual shorts or even some nice jeans. The woman can even be not so attractive but seeing her in heels makes her a little more attractive to me.

that's true

Women in high heels are a beautiful sight no matter how short or tall they are !! Would love to see some pics of you wearing heels !

Would love to see more pictures of you in your heels. Xx

Yes, you are right....

I had a girlfriend at one time who was taller than I was,and when she put on her heels she towered over me,to accentuate this even more I'd walk in the street and she'd be on the sidewalk! She said that guys didn't like dating girls that were taller,but not only do I like taller girls.....I allow them to pay the check!....it gets me very excited and she got so horny too!
Get higher heels,date smaller guys,drop your card on the table before they can,and you'll have that guy all over you until the early hours of the morning.....he'll do everything you ask!
I did!

You turned my head with your gorgeous photos. You are so right about the great dress great heels combination - a total show stopper.

They are indeed great. No better fashion wear than a pair of heels.

heels are hot! ..specially during sex ;)

Yeah they would. : )

I love high heels on a female...tell me what is your highest pair you own? can you models a few pairs with photo??

i don't blame them..you are a 29 out of ten