How I Cheat They Holidays

I have some advice when it comes to holiday shopping in order to avoid stress this holiday season. I’ll call my technique RGCHMO this stands for: regift, gift card, home-made, original. For much of the time individuals will spend money on gifts on people they hardly know or people they rarely ever see. This may be the most stressful part of the holidays besides putting together an actually get together remember this from my experience. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a gift, because you barely see someone. In fact you know that china you never use that’s been collecting dust that was never opened well that’s a gift for you aunt. As for relatives you can just buy one gift for a whole intermediate family. Just by one gift set or make them some holiday candy or give them mugs with packets of coco or anything that is in an assorted pack then call up UPS or FEDEX send your crafty gift with a mushy card and don’t even visit them if you don’t want to the creative gift will convey that you actually care about them because it’s either original or conventional with that being said you can go see a movie or something because you’ll be liberated from any other burdens. If you visiting someone else’s family for the holidays or are dating someone who has children then gift cards/online vouchers are you answer/solution to ackwardness. Simply give someone a gift card to a discount-store or a store like Build-A-Bear-Workshop and you’ll still be least in the running for being the “coolest” when you really don’t know what someone wants. Lastly don’t give gifts such as CDs, Blue rays, or DVDs. Music and movies are about as touchy as religion and politics to most people. Unless you really know someone really well don’t give someone music or a film it can be overtly depressing. So with that being said the trick is to find something that is unique, original, and/or conventional. You can find these types of items at Swap-meets, flea markets, going-out-of business-sales, art galleries, jewelers, art shows, gun & knife shows, and local little shops. If so and so has never seen it before chances are it’ll amaze them or at the very least surprise them. If you’re having trouble planning a gathering then go to a free event say at the country club, community center, place of religious affiliation, hospital, parade, or charity event and at least pretend that you care if you take the relatives some where you can lose them for a few hours and they won’t be at your own in your comfort zone. At the very most you’ll have to invite them back for coffee and pie, punch, or eggnog but much the tension will already be dealt with. But most of all keep it simple to avoid stress/depression this holiday season.-HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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Dec 11, 2012