Sisters Heels

I was 8 when I first tried on my sisters heels. My sister never caught me until one summer night when i was 9 and i put on her heels and a party dress she had in her laundry basket and her 4in black heels. the family was sleeping, well so i thought. i was walking around my room when she walked in and smiled. She said "my dress and heels look good on u" I was blushing and she walked over and had me sit down. We sat on my bed and she lifted my dress to see I wasn't wearing boxers but I was wearing a pair of her panties. She smiled and asked " do u like dressing as a girl?" I said "yes" she smiled again and said " if u want I will let u dress whenever we are home alone" I said "ok" she said "if u wanna wear my undies, anytime im home came in my room and ask me, and if im not just text me and ask." I smiled and said " ok, thank you sis i love u "
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Lucky boi you are... wish I had a sister , relative or even GF that was as kind and easy going as your sis...

If only we all had sisters like yours when we were growing up

Yeah I was surprised when she said we could