My Collection Of Heels!

jacksonnicky jacksonnicky 26-30, F 31 Responses Jan 2, 2013

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any extras?

I'm speechless. all beautiful.

So sexy and passionate.

That is a lot of heels

Men love heels


Nice! Now I have something to strive for :)

Love the heel collection and thanks for posting I Love a sexy lady in heels mmmm

I am only starting my collection with almost 10 pairs, but I sure do love the heels


just added

Wow! Nice.

thank you

Nice shoe collection!

Put on some black or white high heel closed toe pumps, post the picture and I will jack off to it


W O W !!!!!!

oh my god! envy!

Awesome collection !!

wow that's a lot o shoes lol

I would like to see your pretty feet!

wow! please model your sluttiest shoes! with booty shorts!!! cant wait!!

There is just something about a woman in heels.......the way she walks.....hearing her coming before you even see her.....knowing that she is confident!!!! Basically I'm ******!!



Love the second pic! Very sexy!

Your collection might not be huge, but it definitely shows you have great taste in shoes.

Would love to see more!

Looks like you have some nice high heels

A bit small compared to the shoe collections I've seen, but still impressive.

lol not easy being a single parent of two kids, but i am working on rebuilding my collection :)

Wow, I love your collection. The leopard pumps you are wearing in the second picture are amazing!

thank you :)

i used to have a bigger collection till i got bf has been helping me get my collection going again.

My wife has somewhere around 100 pairs, we keep putting up new shelves and racks! I love her in them, so I tend to buy her more often! Of course, she has this tendency to do wild crazy stuff like going swimming in cocktail dresses and heels sometimes, so a few of them get ruined on occasion, but sure worth the fun! :)

i told my bf i need a house with just a floor as my closet

I just finished putting up shelves - in every empty spot I could find in the closet. Finally got all the shoes on shelves and neatly arranged. Did a census, she has just a bit over 125 pairs! :)