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Want to superior to others, or their feet on the ground? It is hard to choice. Fortunately, the answer is not only alternative. Simply choose on both sides, sometimes sexy and pure, by self family with mood preferences to transform, party show the modern woman nature.
Tom Ford a famous saying,Nike Air Jordan 23 Heels "don't wear high heels woman what sexy?" A word the way clear woman crazy love high-heeled shoes truth, that is high heels can make a woman woman.
In recent years wedge heel big heat, make the high-heeled shoes reached new highs, 14 cm super high heels is Karl Largerfeld think the most suitable match and ultra short skirts design,
nike heels can make whole body line more slender, produce the super sexy charm. If you don't want too sexy, also can and wide-legged pants collocation, produce the effect and tall.
A pair of slender tip with high heels really help you add many woman flavour, but Australia's university of New England health experts say, often wear pointed with high heels, can let the women lack of sense of balance, carsickness, airsick possibility will also greatly increased. If you wear a week 3 times more pointed with high heels,Nike Air Jordan 13 Heels suggest you do every day 1-2 second health experts recommend "finger practice operation", it can effectively improve the small neurons in the degree of attention, let you have the strong balance ability. "Finger practice operation" methods: hands folded force to rub each other, when the left hand rub up right hand, left hand, right hand holding the right hand refers to the bone to keep stretched state 5-6 seconds; Also, the right hand rub up the left hand, right hand holding the knuckles of the fingers of the left hand, right hand refers to keep stretched state 5-6 seconds. According to this act, repeat rub hands grip to thirty times, every day in the morning and do it again.
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