Addicted To High Heels

I am a shoe lover and am addicted to high heels, the higher the better. My closet is filled with shoes, probably over 200 and the majority of those are high heels. I only consider shoes with a heel of 4 inches or higher as high heels. I have all kinds of high heels, sandals, pumps, platform, boots and everything in between.

I love knowing that when I walk down a hallway wearing my heels that every click of my heels will turn every man's head who hears it. I am an avid cyclist in my spare time and that gives me the great looking legs to carry off wearing my high heels. I feel so feminine when wearing my heels.

If I want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes I put on a pair of platform shoes with a 5 inch heel and 1 1/2 inch platform, that makes them almost like wearing flats but still give me that high heel look. My favorite pairs of shoes have a 5 to 5 1/4 inch heels without a platform. I think that these shoes make my legs look the best, I know that these shoes do turn heads and when they see my legs they can't look away. I think I like this because it also gives me a sense of power knowing that I have that kind of control.

I always thought that there was not a shoe made that I couldn't walk in. I would read reviews about shoes and some would say that they could not walk in a particular shoe but I would take that as a challenge and buy those shoes to prove I could walk in them. And I was always able to walk in those shoes until one pair. The shoes in my profile pic are called Scream by Pleaser. When I bought those shoes I had to put them on as soon as they came. My first mistake was trying to put them on without hose, the heel was so extreme that the way it bent my toes I needed hose on to help get the shoe on my foot. After putting pantyhose on I had to try again and this time with a little work I was able to get my feet into the shoes. Next came walking. I stood up and almost fell over trying to balance on a heel like I had never seen before. After I steadied myself I started to walk and quickly found out that if I did not get my butt in sat down very quickly I was going to be flat on my face. Once I got sat down again I took the shoes off. Every 6 months or so I have to put them back on and try to walk again. I have found that they look great on my feet but I only wear them when I will not be doing any walking. I think that maybe you know when that is :-).
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Just hangin out in heels counts too. I love them all the time. Please add me so we can talk heels. :)

I really began to appreciate how challenging these shoes were when you mentioned having to put on nylons in order to get the heels on your feet. They definitely sound as if they were designed for activities besides standing/walking.

Do you drive with your gorgeous heels on your gorgeous feet?

Yes, those Scream heels are HIGH! I have a pair of non-platform 7 inch heels (same height) which I can just straighten my knees in but I wouldn't be able to walk far!

I also love high heel and make love with them. Would you show us that ones you like more?

I am right there with you. Though I wish there was a lot more freedom in what I could wear out of the house.

I don't think she has 200 pairs, but my wife has well over 100, that I know! She wears almost nothing but heels, except for golf shoes, flip flops on the beach, and sometimes sneakers when she's going to be walking a lot (although she also has some crazy spike-heel sneakers too!) Her legs are one of her best assets, and I love her in heels (and usually stockings) so I make sure she always has lots of heels to pick from! :) We share this account, add us if you'd like!

You are a good man, keep her well supplied with heels. :-)

Well, just finished putting up more shelves in my wife's closet - filled every open nook and space I could find with more shoe shelves. The closet is looking great, and we did a "census" of her heels as they were all arranged by color on the new shelving. She has about 130 pair, and that doesn't include the non-heels (golf shoes, sneakers & flip flops) or the boots - of which most are also spike heels!

Might be time for a bigger closet because a girl can never have too many shoes.