Black Mule

I have a co-worker in the office, she always wears pants with flat shoes. Seems pretty ordinary and tomboyish. She's got a nice cute face but dresses too masculine. I never really notices her that much.

Today she come into the office still with her long pants, the only difference was that she had a 4 inch black mule on and her toe nails painted shiny red. Everything else is the same, but she sure got my attention. It's surprising just how a pair of shoes can make a lady get more noticed, at least by me anyways.
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โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ 

i love love love high heels

I love love love looking at women in high heels ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘ 

then I am quite sure would be enjoying looking at me

Yes, I like beautiful things. :D



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I rarely wear high heels but I am still being noticed.....I don't know it must be my eyes, lashes or hair...Lol
My feet ache too much nowadays, must be old age. Ouch!
But I love high heels with my Sunday dress. Well, at least once a week I feel sooo regal and elegant!

This story is two years old... But I am glad you still found it. Haha.

I use to wear black stockings and high heals all the time. I don't as much anymore, but I still paint my toe nails. : )

Haha, those do turn heads. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of female at work place. :) :) :)

Awww, that's too bad, but you can get more work done, hahaha!

Company wants it that way, so they put us in Siberia and removed most secretaries from distracting us... lol

A Good pair of heels will elongate her legs & make her rush look tighter too

Absolutely. Thank you.

now see, this is why some of us women have a huge collection of shoes and why we continue to expand upon the collection. A pair of shoes for every mood, ours and the men's ;D

I do understand... lol

us women always need an excuse for new shoes ya know

Absolutely... as long as it is pleasing to the eye. Too much flat is no good. =)

very true but keep in mind flats serve their purpose you never know if the woman has foot issues or not or if she has to walk a lot, yes flats are very un-sexy but an evil necessity at times

That\'s true. =)

I am a self professed shoe junky and would love to wear the spikey heels every day, but I am up and down steps and scurrying around offices and heels everyday are killer

Hehe, by now you should get used to it right? =)

I wish I could

But you look sexy and turn heads... xD

but it is just shoes

Not really, they look your figure and your legs too.

I suppose yes, they offer a sexier look to a woman indeed, now that we are talking shoes I have tones of shoe adverts on my ep, thanks for fueling my hobby :P

Hehe, use ad blocker, it will save you from those annoying ads... lol
Let me know what you bought next. does this link work? I just recently bought the red Betty Paige Shoes WOW they are awesome

That\'s very cute and sexy, I bet they look great on you. =)

indeed they do

Doesn\'t look like they\'ll be too hard to wear...

just a little high for all day standing or walking

Luckily for me, my wife loves heels and wears them most of the time. Since I really love the way she looks in them, I\'ve helped indulge her shoe interest and at this point she has about 125 pair of heels in every color and style! :)

that is awesome she is blessed you support her :) Also where I live boots are awesome, I do not mean thigh high hooker boots but many kinds of boots

What\'s wrong with thigh high boots... lol =)

We live where its warm, so although she has several pair of high heel boots and a couple pair of western ones - most of the time its really too warm for boots, so she likes to wear heels with stockings - and I think I like that look on her even more than she does! :) LIke you I don\'t really go for the \"hooker look\" - I think sexy and classy at the same time makes her look even sexier. So none of her heels have the really high platforms, because I think that strays into that \"hooker look.\"

Well said. =) I agree with WCBD, where I come from though boots are worn most of the year so we gals can\'t be looking all hookerish all the time.

Nice boots, did you buy that?
btw, that\'s not hookerish... =)

no the pink boots are not owned by moi :)

Ahh, those are nice boots... it definitely will turn heads... =)

Not bad, I like it. xD

we have had our shoe education for the day :D

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Couldn't agree more! A classy, sexy pair of heels just completes the outfit on a good looking woman!

I think ,good for her. Maybe someone suggested it might spice her look up with some heels.For me my heels are the most important look and anything I wear the heels come first.I wear mules and slides a lot with most outfits.I like them ,there comfortable,and there an attractive heel.