My First Pair Of Heels

I will never forget the first pair of heels I ever bought. Up to that point I had never purchased anything other than lingerie, pantyhose, and stockings. I loved the feel of wearing pantyhose and my slips and bras but had not gone past that. I loved the look of a woman in high heels and had always wondered what it would feel like to put a pair of high heels on my feet.

One day when I was in a strange town I drove by a Payless Shoe Store and decided to stop in. I walked around the shoe store up and down the aisles looking at the women's shoes. I was not sure what size I needed and was not brave enough to try any on in the store. The biggest size they had in the store was a size 12 women's so I decided that is what I would buy. When looking at what they had in size 12 the highest heel they had was a pair of red pumps with a 3 inch heel and that looked sky high to me since I never had worn high heels of any height before. So my hands shaking I grabbed the shoes and went up to the check out. I waited until I was the only one in the store so that I would only be embarrassed in front of one person. The clerk didn't even seem to notice just rang up my purchase and sent me on my way. I had a 90 mile drive to get home from that store but could not wait to try on the shoes. I put them on in the parking lot but I had no hose with me so just wore me regular socks and even though the shoes were a little tight I loved it and worm them all the way home. My first time in high heels and I was driving with them on. From this day on I was in love with high heels.
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Was your first pairs of velvet pumps is soft plush velvet, or thin velveteen? What was the name brand of that shoes? I hope to find a shoemaker somewhere to make me custom size women velvet shoes.

They were a soft plush velvet. I have purged those shoes long ago and I do not remember the brand.

Oh!! These are my favorite kind - soft velvet upper. I had no idea Payless
have them. I did the same - got rid of 1960s shoes in the past. We all do that. Many thanks.

I rarely visit Payless Shoes store, since I seem to not find any women velvet pumps in soft plush velvet after a few visits years ago. I may have seen thin velveteen shoes. I'll check online if there are any in my size 13 in soft plush velvet. Tall Gals Shoes have them back in 1990s. Just love these velvet heels pumps and I've worn them once in a while inside my apt. Look like Shoecraft is out of business. Darn!

I don't visit Payless anymore either. Now I buy all of my shoes online. I find a much larger selection and higher heel heights than I ever found in my size at Payless. But I will never forget my early experiences buying shoes at Payless.

I wish shoes online have more selections on velvet pumps. I got stuck with a few Pleaser velvet pumps that came out to be thin velveteen upper instead of thick plush velvet upper. These businesses doesn't know the difference between nylon, silk, velveteen, velour fabric. What's wrong with them anyway? I'm very velvet picky and always asked if their shoes is of thick plush velvet or thin velveteen, just to be safe than sorry.

I did purchase a pair of velvet pumps and matching purse from Payless but that was a long time ago.

Hi. My names Laura and I'd like you to read my stories on my page about buying heels. We have so much in common. Mine were black pumps just like yours. I just love them to this day. I didn't just grab them off the shelf though.

I look forward to reading your story Bahli.

I hope you enjoy. Comments are always welcome.

WOnderful...I love payless too!

After my first purchase I would hit every Payless Store within 60 miles of my town to buy shoes. Now I buy almost all of my shoes online, I find a much larger selection in my size and I don't get any strange looks from the UPS guy.

I prefer to go into the store but i am size 11 ladies so they have a decent selection of shoes for me and their prices are decent too. Sometimes the sales staff are a little put off by a man buying heels (they are never rude though), but usually I find that by the time I leave the store they are genuinely pleased to have helped me. Some even give me special discount coupons to use on my next visit!

I wear a size 12 ladies and when I bought shoes in the store I also noticed that sometimes they seemed put off by me buying shoes. One time when I was buying the cutest black velvet high heel pump with the rhinestones across the top the clerk told me that there was a matching purse to go with the shoe and she went and grabbed it for me. That was my first purse.

In my city there is only one Payless that has my size. I wear size 13. Very hard to find this size in stores. I have to buy online but its a much better selection online!! Oh I love heels!
I have never gotten a purse. Never thought about it. I guess because I have nowhere to go.

Well here is to hoping one day you have some where to go!

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Awesome! It takes courage to go into a store like that on your own, and buy a pair of high heels.

Thank you so much it did take a lot of courage to make that first purchase. After that one I started going to every Payless Shoe store within 60 miles buying shoes.

My wife accompanied me when I bought heels for the first time on my own. It took a couple of tries to get the size right. Now that I understand my size better, I feel comfortable buying heels online too.