Heels Are My Favorite

There's no better part of crossdressing than wearing a sexy pair of high heels! Luckily I was blessed with small feet and thin ankles and have a ton of options for shoes that look great on me. I especially love "borrowing" another girl's shoes such as a friend or girlfriend, it makes me feel so feminine and sexy. My favorites are the slingback peep toe style with a 4 or 5 inch heel ;)
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I love my slingbacks , strappy sandals, pumps , ankle booties, knee high boots...
You are so right! Soo much fun to wear and admire... I enjoy watching women and not just their bodies , but their fashion sense..heels , blouses, bras, sheers, chiffons, satins ,
I love the way the materials flow and more about their bodies and all the pretty colors...

You are so right. Nothing sets off a nice pair of silky panties and stockings then a nice tall pair of heels. My favorites are a pair of fioni night pink glitter 4" open toed sandles so sexy looking

OMG! I feel the same way about everything you've just wrote. We're kindred spirits ; )

Heels are amazingly sexy, and any crossdresser should make them a staple in their wardrobes.

And you are indeed lucky to have small feet, I know a lot of other gurls that are not so blessed

I love sling backs too... also strapy heels in shiny colors or neutrals... My favorites are pumps that make that all too familiar sound as your nylon covered foot slides into position - wow... also short booties and long , tall boots - all in 3-4 inch thin heels... okay.. my **** is hard now.... sd

Baby Open tor Hi-Heels withyour toe nails polished red with a sexy garter belt & stockings will put you in Heaven.

your completely right babe putting heels on makes my day 100 percent better

I also love sling backs, with either peep toe or strappy sandals, so that my nail polish on my toes is clearly visible.

I could not agree more. Putting on a pair of heels completes whole feminine package.;-)

You make the heels look great. You are too hot.

Do your friends know you are "borrowing" their shoes? Maybe you should drop some hints, and gauge their reaction.

Well you are truly blessed!! I wish I had smaller feet as there are limited options out there for me. I shop at payless and they usually have different styles of larger sizes monthly. Online is my best place to go. I love peep toes too!!

Hi, I too love to wear women's shoes with sling backs, open toes & heels.....and nothing else! Can we be friends?

Heels are the greatest. Peep toe I know sling back not so much. Sounds nice thouth. But then all heels seem nice to me.