My High Heel History

I've never told anyone any of this!

I'm not entirely sure how it all started. I believe i had tried on heeled shoes before, but the first pair that i can say i owned were stolen. Aged 13, I delivered a free newspaper in the village where i grew up and they were sitting on the doorstep. 2 inch chunky heeled black knee high lace up boots. I dont know what came over me and i dont know why i picked them up but i did. At the end of the road there was a small secluded area of trees, to my surprise they fitted so i walked. It was a quiet path and the only people i saw were cycling in the other direction so couldn't have noticed those boots under my jeans. All the time i was so nervous but there was something about the heel that felt??? i don't know, only people who enjoy heels can probably understand. I kept those boots for years and soon wore them out just with my occasional secret walkabouts.

There were a few other shoes in between all with chunky heels, some were strappy, one pair of ankle boots but none of them made me feel as special, untill,

When I was 18 i bought a pair, from a shop. I told them that it was for a party, all the guys were supposed to go dressed as women and all the women were going dressed as guys, just for fun. I'm sure they didn't believe me. they tried to sell me cheeper shoes but i'd seen the ones i wanted. i'd seen them every time i walked pased, it was like they were calling to me. 3 inch spiky heel black zip up knee high boots. This was my first spiky stilleto style heel. It took months of practice in my parents house, while they were out of course, before i was almost confident. When i took those boots out for our first proper walk i felt wonderfull. the thought of them still makes me tremble today, 15 years later.

Once i'd bought my first pair there was no stopping me. i could buy any shoes i could afford, which wasn't that many but if i bought a pair and the heel wasn't high or spiky enough the special feeling wasn't as great.

Occasionally, for fear of being caught i would throw them away. but i keep buying them. I love that feeling. nothing else does it. believe me, i've tried!

Wow, there's a weight off my chest!

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6 Responses Nov 27, 2008

I don't know if I could ever get up the courage to try on and buy a pair of heels in a physical store. I have purchased all the heels in my little collection from online retailers. Of course, it would be a pleasure to visit a shop like bellerophon's.

You really must do it. They really don't care who they sell to! X

I suppose as long as they are making a sale, they are happy. I think I am more concerned about other shoppers and bumping into someone I know. The solution is probably to go to a shoe shop far from home, where I would be unlikely to encounter any acquaintances.

I've come to recognise the right look in shoe shop assistants faces. Even so I've never had an assistant be totally rude. There was one lady who said "The gent's section is up stairs" I simply thanked her and left.

you are not alone dude,i to fell in love with high heel shoes.i just think they are soooooooooooooooo sexy.i woul dlove to be a customer of bellerophon's shop.i have just finisned a customer contact course certificate 2.and yes.... i would be belle's lifetime customer.because she will make me feel a most men ,i think when thety go into a ladies shoe shop,to purchase a pair of high heels.they get nervous like you.belle just makes you feel like on of the girls.GOOD ON YOU BELLE...KEEP IT UP.

Well done you! I'd go to your shop time and again!

Im a Woman who works in a Shoe Shop. We have one or two guys who come in looking nervously at shoes. I can usually tell what they are looking for! A nice smile and a 2are you wanting shoes for yourself" usually makes them at ease. We have a separate measuring room for people who want Bespoke shoes, So that gives total Privacy while trying shoes on. Once the customers anxieties have eased I usually bring in a Selection in for them to try on in Privacy.

I bought my first pair of strappy high heel sandals two days ago at a mall nearby. I visited three stores before making my purchase. One store had 6 inch ******** shoes, which I did try on. I was straight forward with all the sales people. I told them I am new to cross dressing. All the sales people were courteous and very helpful. It was a fun experience and I love my new sexy, strappy high heel sandals.