Shoe Kissing Worship

i love high heels on women as it just adds to their charms i have always dreamend of find a lady who i can share  shoes with would love to share watch her in wetlook. espcaily with hh on as she glides thru the water i would love to gently take her to the side of the pool and start kissing the wet shoes then running my tounge up the inside of her wet nylon panty hose legs on both sides  and start to kiss her all over kissing her lips as her legs wrapped themselfs around my head with water streaming down the both of us as we float around the pool till we made love time and time again underwater  


wethhm wethhm
41-45, M
1 Response May 20, 2009

ooh, i've never thought about high heels in a pool, interesting! <br />
I have made love in a pool, it was fantastic, but we were completely naked.