First Day At Work In My 5inch Stiletto's

I wear 4inch heel all the time at work and when i go out . But I saw some 5inch heels in the Victoria Secret catalog that i had to get . I was so excited when they came in. OMG! They where high . I had them for a month until i got enough courage to wear them to work . So I picked a nice tight pencil skirt and long sleeve blouse to wear with my heels . I can still remember all the looks I got from all the men and women when I walked in the office .It was so exciting and I liked all the compliments. That day I worked 9 hours and my boss was being a "****" because he had me running all over the office for him. Talking about breaking my new heels in. WOW my feet hurt! But after that day I bought three pairs of BEBE 5inch heels . I am so hooked on 5inch heels that i wear them almost everyday .. I just wish they make more 5inch heels with no plat forms . 

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11 Responses Jul 1, 2009

I have been in love with heels since I was 5. I would wear my older sisters pumps constantly. I can't imagine a 5 inch heel without a platform and I typically love the look of the platform although some can make you look like Frankenstein. I have at least 40 pair of 5 inch heels and a ton more heels at 3 1/2 - 4 inches without platforms. I don't really like the attention I get sometimes but I cat help myself. I am 5'6" barefoot and 5'10" plus most of the time in my heels.

My wifes boss used to have her run erands with him at Staples or Costco and he only picked days she was wearing high heels.He always waited until after lunch and he would always take his sweet time walking around the store back and forth.Once she caught on she would change into flats to run errands, and suddenly trips to the store became in and out and quick.

I'd love the opportunity to try those.<br />
Perhaps we can swop for the day:<br /><br />
Hugs<br />

there are lots of heels out there without platforms 5 inches and even higher i had a pair of 6 inch sandals no plat a while back very sexy but not much good for walking although some people can walk in them

They make your legs look even better!!!!

I've been wearing heels of some sort for possibly as long as 20 years. Please reed some of my stories, I'd appreciate your comments.

I wear them outdoors occasionally. There is a park near where i live with a tarmac path all the way round, I take the dog there late at night when i know there will be no one else there. For some reason i love walking down stairs and hills and the next town has both so i go there sometimes. I have also been to a local 'alternative' club by myself a couple of times. I would love to go out with friends to a bar or something like that.

Definatly!<br />
Some times i find a new pair that are higher than my previous highest. I get all goose bumps, I feel nervous and excited at the same time.<br />
Each time my heels get higher it takes some practice to get used to them, but i love it.

My heels have been getting higher over the years. I too am up to 5 inch. I'd never get away with wearing them to work, i just year them in the evening.

My heels have been getting higher over the years. I too am up to 5 inch. I'd never get away with wearing them to work, i just year them in the evening.

very bold and sexy! U r great!