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Call It a Fetish, I'm Not Ashamed

I suppose that technically, I have a shoe fetish if l like to keep my shoes on during sex. But come on, there is much more f'd up stuff than that going on in the world. There is nothing like fastening six inches of pure sex to the end of some long legs that satisfies me in a certain way that a man will probably never understand. Plus, I can win a street win race stiletto's. They don't teach that in charm school.

Janie7777 Janie7777 22-25, F 46 Responses Aug 11, 2009

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I love love LOVE wearing heels during sex especially knee high boots mmm

There is nothing like having a woman's stilettos pressing into your back as you go down on her...please friend me?

Very well put! I love it when my lover wears her heels during sex!! All the sexier, I say...!!!

More power to ya! (and it satisfies us in a certain way also) Bet you need a foot massage after that street race. :)

No need to be ashamed at all. Wearing your heels for sex is great!

Do you wear high heel boots too for sex?

I do 😜

How fast can you run with your stiletto's? Did you ever joined a stiletto run?

I love wearing nylon stockings and sky high heels while having sex!!! I love to see lovers worship my high heeled feet too!!! ;)

High heels in bed and special heels to wear in bed love it ! Wish I could also indulge in your pleasure :)

Yep the high heels on in bed is a very nice one. I love it when my wife keeps them on, very exciting. I can only imagine how it satisfies you ;-)

Just how high a heels does she wear to bed? Does she simply leave on the heels that she wore out that night, or does she slip on heels that are only for bed time?

oh that depends. she does both, if there is no time to change it is just take off the clothes and leave the stockings and heels on. If it is more of a relaxed thing then other heels but mostly the heels she wears normally.

You guys are so naughty, but I have always known the affect heels have on men, at least since the first time i slipped on a pair of 5 inch stiletto pumps (without a platform)...<br />
<br />
FLRPM, to bad your wife wont wear heels for you...

I know, Right? And to make matters worse, she knows I love Heels!!
I like that you mentioned your 5 inch stiletto pumps (without a platform). For some reason, platforms don't turn me on that much. I like to see just sexy strappy stilettos, no platforms, no chunk heels, no wedges, spike heels are ok, but not like regular stilettos.
It's sad I know that much about heels...

I really wish you had someone who would indulge you in your high heel fetish, how long have you been a lover of heels?

Platforms I have many but they all have at least 6 inch heels, designer heels, a 5 inch stiletto as you know is about as high as possible to wear well.

I've loved high heels and stockings for a loooong time, many, many years. I can't remember exactly, but since I was a boy growing up. I can remember some of the first times I saw girls wearing heels and girls in **** magazines wearing heels and stockings. I can remember sitting next to a girl in detention in high school that wore heels to school, it was an amazing day. Detention was a treat that day.

I see, did your mom or any of her friends wear heels? so often the fetish of high heels comes at an early age....

No, I don't know where it came from, it just developed.

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I think that is the most amazing thing ever. I love a woman in heels and who loves heels. I agree with johnsusan too, if more women would wear heels, then fewer husbands would cheat. My wife used to wear heels, and used to wear them during sex too, but now I can't even get her in a pair. I'm hating it, and I've been about ready to...<br />
I just love to see sexy strappy stilettos, and I love them even more with stockings. And to make matters worse, I love to c*# all over them too.

love women in high heels during sex class heels and more than that i love women who love heels!

Wow to funny Janie, I to love my high heels, and have had many lovers ask me to leave them on... I even have several pairs for those special occassions....

Sounds sexy to me. I bet your S.O. also enjoys the added six inches of pure sex as those legs wrap around him/her.

I have been looking for a woman like you my entire life, women in high heels drive me crazy and so many like to kick them off or not even wear high heels once they find a guy it seems!

I know that many men find a woman in high heels very, very sexy. As far as I am concerned, you can wear your heels in my bed anytime!

I absolutely love stilettos. Once I was walking to the station, when around the corner came this gorgeous totty wearing skinny jeans and really (and I mean really) high stiletto pumps that were so noisy on the wet ground, I was instantly hard and flustered. I started walking slowly to let her get in front, when half way up the street her sexy heel scraped the concrete causing her to trip with an incredibly arousing sound. She just looked at her shoe, touched her foot and carried on tottering. I wanted to *** soooo bad!!! Like I said, I love stilettos :)

if more women would do this then more men would not cheat on there wives men love this the high the heel the better men are visual and love to see a sexy women in lingerie and heels if a man tells you hes not into that stuff he lying he just doent think his women would understand

You're a dream girl. Such a fine sensuality.

I saw her first !!!!

I love heels as well the higher the better. Pumps, High Stiletto sandals 6 and 7 inches

If it is a fetish, I think half the World is affected ~ tee hee

I literally adore women in pointy stiletto pumps or boots in the bed room. I'm in heaven, if the women stands on a pedestal, poses around in a sexy outfit and lets her sexy high heels being licked by me. When the women teases me with stuff like this or shoejobs, she unleashes such a wild side of me. From that point on sex goes one of two directions: Either it all turns and I'm getting very dominant and overwelming her, or she triumps by having me melt away on her pointy toe-cap...

oh my god a woman that thinks the way i do - heels in bed - match made in heaven - and your picture is beautiful

I couldn't agree with you more. One thing I love more than anything is having sex with women while they're wearing their heels, WOW is pretty much ALL I can say. Best thing in the world!

I leave them on also. I like to stare at them during sex. My bf like them to poke him for a little roughness. They are powerfull and sexy at the same time.


It's steamy hot to look at stiletto heels during sex.

Tracy,...I'm adding you !
can you please explain my gf how great it is. Would love her to do it all the time too

I have been looking for a woman like you my entire life, and yes I have had a shoe fetish since I was 6 and proud of it!!!!!!!

Wearing heels in bed is my favorite thing.I love wearing them to sleep with nylons.<br />
A CD thought<br />

Wearing heels in bed is my favorite thing.I love wearing them to sleep with nylons.<br />
A CD thought<br />

Very sexy! I like wearing them in bed with nylons as well.

Thank you for telling others.I adore it.Thanks girl.
Louise CD