I have over 30 pairs of high heels in my closet alone. I love all kinds of shoes; especially my high heels. I love my 4 inch heels because it makes me stand over 6 foot tall.
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i want to *** in all to them heels

the one piece of clothing that ever nudist woman should have and wear regularly.

Bet you look great in them too

Same here, I have 35 pairs mostly 4+ inches and wear them everyday. Makes me stand over 6 feet and eliminates ALL my back pain. Life is so much better in heels!

Nice X have u long legs too

Wow I'm 5:6 without heels the higher the the heels the better your younger so you can get away with wearing a short skirt lol as I did

lucky for me 4 inch heels would only get me to 5 ft