Heels In The Snow

follow up of my story the other day. Yesterday while out driving. I counted 6 more ladies wearing stilettoes. Now the snow has became ice, and i wondered why these ladies put them selves at risk. Don't get me wrong I am glad they do as it is so sexy.  I then contacted a friend of mine who has been wearing heels since she was 10 years old. I asked her why do they do it.. She said for her is simple that she cant walk in flat shoes as se walks like a duck if se tries. She finds it easy to walk in the snow but even easier to walk on ice. She said that all you need to do is shorten you pace and walk tall and have confidence. She brought a pair if boots that had a very grippy soul like a mans work boot but with a 4 3/4 inch heel. she had the plastic heel tip replaced with a metal one and they are her snow boots. She also said that the thinner the heel the better they are as the heel goes through the ice and hits the ground. she has a pair of shoes she has worn in the snow with a 5 inch heel with a tip of just 3mm. but she said, as soon as she gets in the front door she has to take them off or they would do some serious damage to her wooden floor. I really don't know how they do it! but it sure makes a lot of us men very happy.

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"I really don't know how they do it! "

One of my early sexual memories is of a girl walking along a train carriage in 6" stilettos. The floor of the carriage was strakes of 1/2" wood with 1/2" gaps between them. A formidible obstacle course for heels - very easy for the spike to hit the gap and cause a fall.

This girl hit the top of the strakes every time.

I think the extreme dexterity it takes to walk around in stilettos and the frivolity of it is what screams estrogen at us so loudly. Dexterity is one of those qualities that there is no male-female overlap in. The least dextrous female is more dextrous than the most dextrous male. Frivolity? There is nothing practical in high heels. It is a determined form over function priority that is just so beautifully girly.

Not surprising that just seeing girls in stilettos can give me an erection - as a matter of fact I've got one now.

I just read your story and like your friend, I found that flat shoes make me feel like I'm walking like a duck too. I recently bought a pair of riding boots with a low heel (it's the only pair I have that have a heel less than 3 inches. I do have to admit it's hard walking on ice/snow but I am careful and walk more slowing, like your friend. But, I have to admit that the salt is awful up here and have to constantly clean my shoes so that they look nice. Nothing is worse than going to a meeting with salt stains on my shoes.

Oh wow. If I were with you. I would clean your shoes for you every day. ;-) xxxxxx thank you for your story. I'm just so thankful to you ladies. Xxxxxxxx

When it comes to seeingwomen in heels. You cant get a much better job than mine. I am st the airports in the south of England nearly every day. To hear that Click Clack as those ladies walk in their heels across the marbal floor. Dont know why but for me it has ti be poinded toe stilettos. Wedge heels just arn't sexy.

nothing more sexy than a woman in sexy high heels