Irresistible Urge To Dress Up

I tried my first pair of high heels on when I was 10 years old .  I had a growing fascination for girl's clothing that I didn't understand but found it hard to resist.  My sister bought an adorable pair of white patent leather mary-janes and I couldn't resist any longer.  As soon as I was home alone, I snuck into her room and put t them on.  They had chunky 3" heels and I felt wonderful prancing around in them.  I knew it was wrong for a boy to wear girl's clothes, but I couldn't resist.  As soon as i moved  out on my own I started buying my own women's clothes.  I still have a special love for high heels.  I love buying them, wearing them, and yes, I do ********** with them on.  Dresses, skirts and panties give me a different satisfaction.  High heels give me a sexual kick, girl's clothes give me a warm feminine happiness. 

gretchenk gretchenk
46-50, M
3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Sounds like some sweet heels. I'd like them too.

Now I find it the other way round. I love to wear high heels, in some way they make me feel special. I don't ********** in them, on them or whilst wearing them. It's almost like it's the last thing on my mind. For me it's a totally different sexy that almost doesn't make sense.

I agree, high heels are a sexual kick, the higher the better, a pair of six inch pumps are adorable and to *** on a womans heels is sooooo good. My wife loves it when I *** on her heels.