Help Me Please. I Think Im Going Mad!

Hi I'm Alan and ever since I joined this group. I have found that women wearing stilettos rule my life. And I'm single? what's that all about?. Any way, I have found myself looking for stiletto wearing women where ever I go. At Heathrow airport The other week, I found myself counting women wearing stilettos tike some people count sheep while trying to sleep. Some times i am in the airport so long . I can count up to 40 or 50. Please tell me I am not going mad. Then the other day I was waiting for a man off a flight from Rome. While I was Waiting I could hear the ciick, Klack the sound of glorious Heels on the stone floor  coming towards me. as I looked up I could see this Stunning but obviously Italian lady. She was smartly dressed in a suit jacket, mini skirt nude legs. from a distance it looked like she was walking on air as you couldn't see the heel as it hit the ground. Looking around I could see every man and even some women looking at this stunning lady. As she came nearer I could get a closer look at her shoes. They were black patent with a dangerously pointed toe, low cut vamp that you could see some nice toe cleavage and nearly all of her little toe,  a sexy chrome heel of not less than 5" and only about 4 or mm thick. She walked like a goddess and she knew it. Eyes popped out of lots of heads and made me very happy down below .lol. I continued to watch her as she passed me and went out of sight. I thought I must find out who made such a fantastic sexy stiletto. I found some exactly the same on ebay Italy. They cost about 500 to 700 Euros. But then again who cares when thy look like this. Any woman that wore these could walk over my back any day( I have a bad back you see so it's would only be for medical research only ) Lol. I think I need help as I am getting obsessed with STILETTOS. Help me, Help me, Help me! looking for a High heeled honey to help me. (south east England) LoL



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I cannot help you, I'm exactly as you are !

i have all the symptoms - and NO youre not going crazy or mad - try doing a broad web search - <br />
there are millions of us

Ah, but have you ever spun your head round to that wonderfull click clack sound so fast that your neck cracked and locked up?<br />
Have you ever raced down the aisle of a supermarket coz you could hear that divine mesmorising sound in the next aisle, only to find that the woman wearing them is hideous, then followed her a while anyway, just to hear that sound?<br />
Have you ever suddenly snapped out of a trance like state to realise that you are walking behind a complete stranger and have gone right out of your way?<br />
Have you ever nearly crashed your car coz a pair of heels and a sexy wiggle distracted you for more than a moment?<br />
I have done all of those, some more than once.<br />
You are not alone!<br />
There are others as obsessed as you!