If Only All Women Knew?

When I was just 19 years old a very successful woman told me that you can tell virtually everything about a women's personality by her shoe collection... Now, 20 years later, I can honestly say that it is true.  A woman's choice of shoes indicate her mood, confidence, style, budget and sooo much more!  I love women who love shoes!  After her eyes, her shoes are the very first thing I notice!  I gotta tell ya.... Going shoe shopping with a woman who enjoys her high heels can be a very erotic event! 

So.... Woman who learn and take advantage of the power a sexy heel can give her ; get far more attention from men.... We are weak in this area!  Big smile!  ;)

cuteguyseeking cuteguyseeking
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Egad Yes! Heels are empowering for women! Far too many women are afraid to garner a bit of power. but there is no sane reason why so many girls clop about so un-gracefully in flip-flops. I was shocked a few weeks ago when I drove down Hollywood Blvd. on a Saturday evening and almost everybody lined up for the shows and events looked like ****! How did it become stylish to dress like you live behind a dumpster?

SSShhhh -- they dont know this yet ......... damn !!!!

Wow i never noticed! lol thats true....<br />
that means i need better shoes lol