After The Storm

Today from the start at about 8 in the morning when I looked out side was cold, dreary, and foggy. Of course after years of hiking on the AT it takes some pretty serious weather to keep me from going out on a day that I want to. I decided to go a park that is near where I work called Hacklebarney because I was interested to see how it looked after Hurricane Sandy. The last time I had tried to hike here it was closed due to tree damage but this time when I pulled up to the gate to the place was wide open. I drove in and stopped in the parking lot. Everywhere there were trees down, picnic benches smashed, and the remnants of trees in the parkinglot. Also I noticed that I was the only one there and I had figured the weather would keep everyone away. While the park was open a lot of the amenities were off or closed such as water and a few of the rest rooms (they usually do this in the winter). Also the trail I had intended to walk down was blocked by 2 2 foot wide tree trunks that had smashed the bridge across the river. I took another trail to an area that has a waterfall and decided to make a pot of coffee. No sooner had I set up my Trangia Triangle and got the pot filled and on top of it I had a few people walk by me. Apparently I was not the only one out.
So after the coffee was ready and i finished drinking it I kept on going. I decided I would bypass a closed off area by going down by the waterfall and crossing the river from there as it was only ankle deep and I had waterproof boots on. About halfway down the trail I encountered more hikers! These ones with their dog who was enjoying the river (was a black lab collie mix so figures) The next thing I did was I went down a closed trail because I wanted to see an area that was a nice beach. Turns out it was washed out from all the rain so I moved on. The going on the rougher trails was difficult. I had to climb over or go around large fallen trees and navigate narrow trails covered with slippery rocks but the views were breathtaking and the sound of the waterfalls could be heard everywhere. After around 3 hours of hiking I finally came to a picnic area where I stopped and had the soup I had packed with me for lunch. Then I began the hike back to the car. Perhaps in a few days I stop there again.
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wow, i felt i was there!! Plz do more stories like this. :) if attach photos too it WOULD BE GREAT!!

here in Australia we have an electronic device you can use to send an alert to Police if you are lost. Often sailors at sea use them.

I am guessing you might have cell phone traffic in your areas on the AT.

A couple of years ago I got lost overnight in the bush. Our cell phones were totally soaked and did not work. Had no way of contacting our families to say we were ok.

And do you carry an Eburb ?

Are you interested in fauna or geology as well ?

Thanks for story.

I live in Australia so am guessing you are referring to the Appalatian Trail.

Do you tend to hike by yourself ?