Some Pics

Because of the high winds and heavy snows I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures. I did take a few though and here they are.(we got about 22" on Mt. Washington while I was there),
The Gear:

Model of the Presidential Range found at Pinkham Notch Visitors Center

Done Packing and ready to go.

Hiking up to the shelters

It got dark pretty quickly as the snow ramped up towards inches per hour

Arrival at Hermit Lake Shelters in pitch blackness. Decided to try for a pic. As you can see, I was surprised by the flash. Found out shortly after this, that we were the only 3 people there that night. Go figure.

At the shelter. All unpacked and ready to start boiling water for the MREs(meals ready to eat). While Coca~Cola isn't standard fare on a mountain, it served as a great place to pack up my rum....

Blowing off steam..., literally. I was trying to show how cold it was with my breath but it didn't show up as good in the pic. It was -7 degrees outside by this time with a real feel of -48 degrees because of wind chill.

We all ate our meals(I had pasta and sauce), played a few games, then went out into the blizzard for a small trek around the lake up there. It was crazy as hell outside. It was fun. Sane people have no idea what kinds of cool they miss out on...
(the red on my nose and spoon is from my headlamp)

The Avalanche Postings for Tuckerman's Ravine. Taken during our excursion around the lake with the other two shielding me from wind and snow so I could take it. The streaks are from wiping the lens and passing snowflakes I think.

The next day, just before leaving the shelters. You can't really tell but it was snowing pretty good still and the winds were kicking.

The snow was too deep at times for really great sledding but I did manage to get a good 3/4 mile run starting here. Just after the second bump in the foreground the trail gets pretty steep. The massive amounts of snow made for excellent control and I was turning to and fro like a world class skier. Laughing like a kid the entire time.

Last Picture. I got 2 more runs on the sled after this. 1 was for another 1/2 mile. It was a good trip with great friends, and bad weather.

We didn't do any real climbing because of the conditions. We also cut the trip to 1 night as opposed to 2. I had a blast, as I always do and it sure as hell beat sitting around the house waiting to see if we'd lose power for the 5th straight big storm. We didn't lose power and the family and pets survived. As I said before...., sane people have no idea what they miss out on sometimes. Just remember - A bad day hiking is better than a good day at work.

As always my friends...., Live Well, Be Happy, Die Trying !


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Wow! What an experience. I loved your well as all your pictures. But now I'm kinda cold after looking at all that snow. Brrrr! I think I'm in need of a steaming cup of coffee now. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoy the coffee

And I felt a bit adventurous going to the backyard and making a snowman during the storm. This is amazing.

Not as amazing as my cool friends that are ever more amazing everyday !

Whoot whoot !
= ]

wow love the story with pics..... makes it all that more interesting. : )

I do try to be semi-entertaining. Thank you for checking it out, and as well for the comment. It's definitely appreciated.

First time I have ever seen a sled tied to a pack. Super cool!
It's all about the miles and the smiles, they say. Usually with hikers, it's about how many miles they can conquer in a day. But you made it all about the smiles! I love that you had a destination, then stayed and played. Great photos.

Thank you, Ms. Lilt. There were definitely more than enough smiles to make up for the miles

i can hike all day.... but no snow, no cold... would rather have sweat then have a red nose! ;)

That was my headlamp ..... =D

I love climbing in the winter. There is nothing like it in this world. It's like being on your own planet.

Thank you for reading this and taking the time to comment. It's very much appreciated.

Whoot whoot!

oh... i forgot.. loved the photos. thank you for sharing. too cool... or should i say... brrr too cold ;)

you're very welcome. Thank you again

These are GREAT!! We've never gone up in a full on blizzard!! Sooo cool!! Love that sledding!!

The sledding is always a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts is when I pass people on their way up with that " why didn't I think of that" look on their face. Of course, I'm too busy giggling to say anything to them.

I'm never growing up.

I don't think any of us should ever completely grow up.....Wayy more fun keeping some kid in our spirit and soul!!

Still 16 ! I just happen to have 26 years of experience at it.....
:- p

Amen to never growing up! I'm still 15 at heart!

You forgot to say how much experience you have. ;- p

I'll be 18......keepin it legal! :D with 16 years experience backin it up!!

Hahahahaha......, that was a good one..., "keepin it legal". The only problem with that is at 18 you're held fully responsible for all your actions. I'm shooting for 0 accountability, myself .... = ]

I own the BOOK on excuses remember..... I can totally take on accountability and use it to practice my excuses...See,,,,total time management and multi tasking!!

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It surely was. Thanks for the comment.

hey rudolph great pics !! glad you were able to go and have a little fun even if it was cut short do to weather

That was my headlamp, I said ! Do you read my words or just look at the pics and tease me ?

Thanks, It was a good time in the manner of times I tend to enjoy.

I know I read your words and yes I do like to tease you ! So is where you went the place you know?

Yes. But then again, I know lots 'O places in the White Mountains. Don't know what I'd do if it weren't for friends that like to tease me.

yeah it is nice to have good friends!

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Loved the pictures! Glad you were safe and careful

Always careful, mostly safe. As with any activity, there is always risk. Acceptance, and adequate preparation for those risks is a given. We've all been at this for many years and have the right equiptment and proper understanding for what we do. We can have fun anywhere, anytime, any altitude !

Glad to know that you are always careful as you'd be missed my friend!

Not so sure about how missed I'd be, but I'm pretty careful anyway. I have to live long enough to be a problem to my kids..., Right ?
= )

Smart as someone will miss you ...we don't know each other that well but I would be one as I enjoy reading your stories. So there :-p

Well, thank you. I enjoy replying to your comments. Even if I do get a little smart @ssy sometimes .... It's all part of being 16.


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