Help Me I Need Your Advised

Hi everyone

I want to tell you about me and the guy who i really like him...

We have been chating for 6 month and i met him once.

He said that he want to see me so i told him do u want to see me on the weekend, he said "Yes cant wait see u!" and then i told him "promise me you will let me know"  he said "will u please remind me" then i said "ok i will." on that day on friday i send him a message in the morning to let him know "Are we still going to see other?" he didnt reply me. And 5 hours later he still havent reply my mess so i have decide to send him a message again "Did you get my message?" he still haven't reply so i just leave him alone. 

And i also told him that i like him and he didnt say that he like me as well.

Please help me!!

i dont want to lose him and we have been chatting for 6 month. he is a friendly and he been so nice to me......

FalonLoveHim FalonLoveHim
Mar 27, 2009