I Think I Love Him But I Can Never Do Anything About It !!!


I recently started a new school in September and i made a  few friends and everything was going well. Then i saw him , i even had a conversation with him. I would be with my friends and he would be with his and our eyes would meet and it was as if we had something special between us but we had very different friends and so we  did`t talk much but i knew he liked me , i was happy . The problem was i was just waiting for him to make the first move , he didn't`t .

I don't know if he doesn`t like me anymore but i think about him all the time , i get embarrassed being around him a lot ( i get teased sometimes) . Its torture , i am trying to explain it but its really difficult .

Whenever i see him my heart beats faster,i have never felt this way before , i sometimes just want to cry thinking about him.  It seems he doesn`t want to have that connection we had before , he avoids me and its really not nice but i cant help it

I have to accept because due to somethings that have happened at school ( bullies) i can never do anything about him . My friends say i`m too good for him anyways , but i`m not .... I just have to get over him but i cant.

What will i do ?

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read my story its called I LOVED SOMEONE WHO DIDNT LOVE ME it might help. paula

Hey Thanx ! , i hope i can :S , i really do because he`s one of the two people i think about all the time and its getting me down a little :( .. thanx for commenting

Just be strong for now and believe me eventually you will get over him with time we get over everything That's how I felt when I recently broke up with my boyfriend I thought I would never be able to get him and the pain out of my heart but I did and maybe today I'm still not 100% over that situation but I am doing way more better I'm moving on and so will you!!!