Please Help

well to be honest im with a us soldier whos stationed in germany where i live. thats how we met each other like 1 month before he got deployed for iraq. i was here for a whole year waiting for him. didnt do anything with other guys(im saying that because i know what yall thinkin about that german-soldier-thing). he came back and we had a hard time to really get back to each other but we worked it out. we both are talking about marriage, kids.. what we are planning for our live together after he gets back after that washington thing. thats what he told me. now, 5 month since he got back from iraq, they making him leave to washington to work there. hes leaving in less than 1 week. of course i want to spend as much time with him as i can get. but he wont let me. i took some days of vacation this week just to spend the time with him. but hes just leaving me in his room telling me hes going to the barber shop with his boy who picked him up and is going to be back in 1 hour. hes finding stupid excuses, lying to me why hes not coming back so soon. also hes always goin to the club to have a boys night out almost every weekend. doesnt talk to me whenever he things im getting mad about things like that. just not answering his phone. im confused about all that. i love him with all my heart. and i wont leave him for nothing. he knows that. but what am i doing wrong?? am i wrong for wanna spend that much time with him?? do i want too much from him?? am i just someone who makes his time in germany easier?? please help i really dont know what to do anymore...

myheartisiniraq myheartisiniraq
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2010