Forbidden Love

When I see you…
My heart starts racing & it sometimes feels like it’s skipped a beat.
When I’m in your arms…
I feel like not letting you go & losing you.
When I stare into your eyes…I see how happy you make me feel.
When you hold my hand & I hold yours …
I feel like I belong to you & you belong to me.
When I kiss your lips & you kiss mine…
I’m lost in the moment & the world freezes around me.
Being with you feels like I’m living in a fantasy.
My dreams have finally come true & I don’t want that moment to end.
But then it does end & we have to part from each other…
Go our separate ways & live our separate lives.
I go back to my life where I’m alone & you return to your girlfriend.
You go back into her arms & make her live the fantasy I was living.
Pretend as if I never happened & sometimes like I’m not even around.
I allowed my mind to capture your smile, your touch, & your look…
Just so I could replay those moments over in my head.
I allowed my heart to break over & over again, every time I was with you.
Even though I knew you still belonged to her.
I allowed myself to develop feelings for you, someone I was forbidden to love from the start.
How do I let go of the memories trapped within my mind?
How do I hide the pain trapped within my heart?
How do I forget what we had & move on with my life?
How do I heal from the scars left behind?
How do I forgive myself for the mistakes I did?
Just so many questions, I can’t answer. So many feelings I can’t explain. So much pain I don’t know how to let go of.
You were my forbidden love & I wish I didn’t fall in love with you so soon. You’re a love that was wrong at the time & someone I got to let go of…
Vix3n Vix3n
26-30, F
5 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I feel the exactly the same with exactly the same questions.. I just want to let go but somehow I can't.

hmmm makes me thinking that is exactly how I am with my soul mate - he makes me feel like a beautiful woman, desired, loved, appreciated, and fantasied only by him. The only difference is we are near yet so far.

I'm sorry I made you cry... @hatshepsut21

i cried to this.

Thank you @SATallGuy.