The Only Man I've Ever Loved.

I was fourteen my brother and his friends were hanging outside of my house, we were introduced and right then and there I knew he was the one.That day while driving away he smiled at me and I swear I could feel my heart thump through my chest.He had a gorgeous girlfriend for the next four years, but I thought of him everyday.Five years past and we were both single, I worked up the courage to finally tell him how I felt.His retort was that he hadn't thought of me in that way and he looked at me like a little sister.It confused me because I knew I wasn't mistaking the flirting and attention for something that it was not.Again two years pass and our relationship kept growing stronger.We finally started hanging out with just the two of us but the timing was just off.I moved and while I was away he got engaged and eventually married.It feels like something died inside of me and my heart is broken.None the less I'm happy that he's happy and His wife is a doll, but I just feel so empty.It's been 10 years and I've thought of him everyday, I don't regret the last ten years but i just want to know that he cares and it wasn't all for nothing.
Elizajay Elizajay
May 7, 2012