Oh, Ryan

Well, our relationship has not been an easy one. For me at least. And I have my insecurities to blame for that. And his lies.

Part of me will always love him because he was my first for a lot of things and he is an amazing singer. He also made me actually feel like I mattered. I can't just get rid of those feelings we shared and the things he said.

But then again, I feel used and insignificant to him. Like, I was just another girl. That's where my insecurities and my inner jealous gets in the way. 
He can just walk away from the relationship with no emotion. Move on like the past nine months was non existent.

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1 Response May 15, 2012

My ex is acting likt that too only he walked away from our 8 year relationship with no emotion and is moving on as well and its only been 2 days.