How Much Do You Take In The Name Of Love?

Ok my ex is in the military which makes this all the more complicated. Before he went to the Army he was the sweetest person ever but now not so much. It's heartbreaking because we have a three month old son together and that's another reason it's so hard for me just to turn my back on him. He's done so many hurtful things and my heart is getting tired of the pain.
He hasn't cheated but the way I feel is maybe I wish he had, and it would be so much simpler than all this other none sense we've gone through... He wants to get back together but as of right now I'm saying no because he needs to learn. Unless he wants to lose his family he needs to shape up. I love him so much it hurts which is why sometimes I feel like I hate him. I'm tired of being so forgiving and understanding.Makes me look like a jack ***. Ugh, I just wish I knew if he is really worth my time and effort
Brillya Brillya
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

I don't know why it is..but I've heard many similar problems when a love is sent over seas.. Hope things get better soon..I think if you love him..wait till he returns before you make any rash decisions..

Only time will tell you if he's worth it, but if you feel this way about him its not for nothing. You're right he does need to learn, just make him work for it. You say you're a forgiving and understanding person, I believe that but don't let him walk all over you, he needs to earn you, you are a jewel. If he's worth it he'll do everything in his power to get you back.

Your so right

Don't give in too easily :]