Lovely Denial

I know I am way to young for this... But I think I like someone, but I don't know if I do, cause I never did.

And I'm not going to find out either ^^ I won't commit for something as stupid as 'love'... It's useless and it will end anyways.

The problem is, he sometimes makes me sick when I look at him, or when he is being 'sarcastic', but the positive thing about him is that he makes me go to school everyday and he makes me smile...
I have to not thank him for that, but I also have to thank him for that, which means I won't need to say anything at all.

For my age, I need to be staying with my nose into the books and studies, not into some guy that I met, it's ridiculous how 1 person can get stuck in your head all the time.
CanIBeForgotten CanIBeForgotten
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012