Hurt And Pain

I dated this guy for 2 years on and off. January of 2012... he started acting stupid. Had his friend call me too tell me he was in jail. Which was a huge lie after investigation, then he moved a chick in his house that he meet on FB in March 2012. Some model chick, I found out in Early June. Meanwhile this whole time we were still seeing each other. His excuse for not answering the phone was he is in maryland. Well in May... his mother passed away and he called me and invited me to the funeral... To my surprise that model chick from FB was there consoling him. The hurt and pain I felt at that moment and also I lost my mother and still hurting.Anyway this bastard had the nerve to try and hug me like I did not recognize her. I left and drove home crying. Well a couple of days later he contacted me crying, I went to his house and I slept with him like a retard. But what I could not understand why he was crying and telling me that he really misses me and loves me, he wants me back. He would not let me go he held me all night.

I spoke to my friend ... who said you are so mean give it a chance. In my heart I knew something was going on, but I did not feel like wasting my time snooping, I had other situations to worry about. So I called him and he was a yotal different person he was nasty and short with me. I told him I needed to speak with him. Well long story short I called him a week later . he stated that he got into a car accident and I offered to come out there ... he siad NO NO NO ... which was very odd , so we ended the conversation. I called him back 10 minutes later and I started going at him. I had a feeling he was with a chick... and I asked him he said yes buth they are not dating and he is not getting out of the car to speak too me. Then he asked me was there anything else , I said no and he hung up.

This bastard had the nerve to text me a a couple days later , That was wrong what you did , you tried to blow me up call back I have to speak with you. I never responded Then another week passed , Im sorry, I miss you , I was wrong I understand why your not talking too me no more , I love you! So I copied and paste his message to the chicks FB . She stated he told her that he was not the father and I was crazy ( in january I was pregnant and lost the child ). That was her first response back. Then she started flipping out ... I knew the had slept together. Long story short he came back towards the end of June, Then I got really sick in the summer and we statred talking again... Basically it ended this past October 2012. I had enough especailly when he backed me in the corner had his hands in my face. Text me on my birthday I turned down his offer and he called me a B _ _ _ _ , H _ _, Dumb A _ _ , thats why your about to die cancer B _ _ _ _ , Im nothing worthless basiclly downing me, he is moving on too the next chick and a good friend of mine ( male) started texting him back and said thats how you treat the person you love? Don't worry about her no more , she mines NOW. He had they nerev too tell him " you dont know what you have , you better treat her good" I still love her and I will fight for her. He asked me to please do not cut him out of my life and started apologizing... I told him to leave me the hell alone or Im calling the police. I miss him and I hate him. But I cant explain what went off in me, to finally leave him alone. I just dont understand why this guy will not leave me
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Jan 7, 2013