At a Loss

I have been dating Joey for two years in March. At first I was so happy. We dated in high school for five months. He was so mushy and over the top for me at ghat point. So, I broke it off with him. After wards I wish I hadn't. I missed his funny personality and how special he made me feel. Anyways,  five years later we meet up again through chance friends in college. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world to get a second chance. I do care for him still. He really takes care of me at home and is very sweet. I can do no wrong by him.

However, I can not get him to find a job. He went a full year before finding a job, had it for four months, quit and has not been jobless for three months. I am pulling my hair, living from paycheck to paycheck to provide for us. I feel like i am suffocating. Now I  find myself being very snippy towards him. as soon as I come home from work I get into a bad mood. The worst part about it is that when he loses a job that means I have to job hunt for him. He is so lazy about it. I come home and he has done nothing all day. He plays video games and takes naps. When we get into a fight, which is me yelling and he is quiet the whole time staring at the floor, he is good for the next day maybe two and then goes right back in his slump. He promises me every time he is changing and he doesn't. Yet I cannot pull myself away from him!

I am at a loss. He treats me so well but I can not count on him. I always feel like the bad guy after I yell. And, I cannot stay mad at him for long, which does not help our situation. i have no idea what to do.

anniegirl2107 anniegirl2107
Feb 18, 2009