My Feelings Are Changing

i really dont know what to think about my relationship right now with him..he can be soo ******* stupid sometimes..but then he'll rub my feet and be my little puppy dog the next..i just dont get it..just not too long ago i had noticed that he hadnt texted me in a while and he was supposed to take his bike to his friends for him to fix it..well it had been a while since he texted me so i called him and he said that he was still there..and i was like "um,ok,but you were supposed to go by there and drop off ur keys then split"..and he was all like "well ya but we got to talkin and im kinda helpin with the bike" here i am squinting my eyes so i was like hmm ok,maybe ill pull a test on i was like "well ill leave you alone" (a classic woman trick) and guess what he said?....."ok well ill text u when i leave",excuse me fuckhead?i cant believe this horse ****!then i tell him 2 send me a pic n he completely ignores me!!im gona **** sumbody up

aries89 aries89
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 23, 2009

aries, first of all, relationships are built together, with concent, if he is not ready, you are hurting yourself

it seems like thats all i ever do..i should just **** someone else