he is my swimming teacher (@council pool) , 10 years older , fit , kind and sweet . he is a really sweet guy and makes me feel good about my self . he's a great teacher I learnt loads from him . from the first day I have been attracted to him , his awkwardness , his playfulness , his kind and accepting heart and yea his body . but i started noticing he would hold me in an almost intimate way when teaching me . intimate but not inappropriate (he didn't grab my *** or anything of the sort) . he smiles and waves at me any time he catches my eye . he is a really responsible bloke . i even stalked him on Facebook and sent him a request which he accepted . and plot twist he has a girlfriend (she's alright , they look like those perfect couples in the car adverts and stuff ) but then him and i started chatting and stuff on Facebook and yea it was amazing talking to him . one swimming lesson later he stokes my arm and looks at me with this facial expression of pure bliss and im like thinking no way in hell is this platonic. we never talked about that moment ever but since then he does this ridiculous thing where he reaches out and almost touches me and then holds back . it really ****** me off I cant understand what that means when (and why ) he does that . so any way I quit Facebook in an attempt to stop stalking his account on a daily basis and get a life (I bought a ukulele) and go back to swimming and stuff and he gives me this "you betrayed me " face and I return it with a "ok what now" face . and give him the cold shoulder cause I cant stand being affectionate with some one I cant have . im not going to be bffs with a guy I constantly dream of doing rather naughty things with . i respect that he is my swimming teacher , he has a girlfriend . but i don't know what he's trying to communicate ???? is he a touchy feely type of person ? idk maybe its just me who's just obsessing . or maybe he is a messed up type of person . idk help and perspective would be appreciated though.
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I guess his feelings are as torn as yours. He is attracted to you but does not want to betray his girlfriend. My advice is to get on with your own life. A relationship with him stands a very strong chance of a painful ending. Take care.