Whhat Do I Do???:!?!?!

OK...my story...ok...hes my best friend. i met him 7 months ago. but it seems like a lifetime. im n love with him. ive never loved some one like that! ive said it b4 but this time its different. ok so at first he wuz with a hoe. but they broke up and he addmited 2 me that he loved me. and i told him that i loved him 2. we were gonna be 2 gather but he got n2 alot of trouble and had 2 move 2 another city! i was sad...but we were gonna try a long distance relationship...it didnt work. he ender up havin sex with sum gurl that he met up there. so we broke up. u know he hurt me soooo many times!!ive cried 4 him, bled 4 him, damn near died 4 him! but the point is, i love him soooo much! but at the same time i hate him. he told me that he loves me but only as a friend now!! idk what 2 believe. could he really be over me with in a day?!?!?!?!

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thank you! yeah he is a dbag and i do hate him, but i love him!! idk what 2 do.

Sometimes people just don't know what they want. And some people don't feel worthy of love...<br />
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If he's a dbag (dickbag) then I'm sorry. I'm in love with a dbag too and it sucks!! And you deserve better. (Although when people tell me that, even though I know I deserve it, I don't care. I don't WANT anyone else... only my dbag..) <br />
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If he's not a dbag, or at least one that IS worthy, sometimes you just gotta be patient. Good luck.