Things Aren't So Good Anymore....

I love him, always have since we've been together but he made it seem like he understood m now he's the same person who uses my probloems against. I don't understand how you can be with someone and not be able to tolerate them being sensitive and more importantly knowing that they are sensitive and then choosing to be insensitive towards them. We've been together long enough for him to know how i am like i understand the way he is but he still continues to expect a different reaction from me when he does something he knows irritates me or hurts my feelings, he expects me never to repeat that it bothers me when it does. He doesn't want to listen to anything I have to say when he gets in his moods he just hangs up on me, tells me i'm being overdramatic. I'm his pregnant fiance, yet I have to beg him to come to an ultra sound and he still doesn't, tells me band practice is more important and when i mention you only get to do this for this child once, he says so you expect us not to have a future, i shouldn't do something I love. "no that's not the case, you should just know where your priorities are." ... Perhaps I am expecting too much from him but in the whole 7 months he's done **** for me, hasn't got me food when i had a bad craving, hasn't even spent more than hours in a week with me, doesn't talk to me on the phone for more than an hour and when he does he's paying attention to the tv and not me. he's the same guy who 5 months into my pregnancy threw a fit bcus i couldn't get an abortion, he tried to force me into claiming it would strengthen our bond, he's the guy who says changing diapers, and feedings, and taking constant care of our child is my job always , yet he's the same person who wants me to trust him 100% when it comes to her and although i have not met his family, I should be able to trust her in their care, this is my first baby and i am very possesive of her, if I don't trust my own family with her why would I trust yours, esp. after you've put so much effort into making me comfortable. I'm selfish but why does he get to benefit from my struggle, I'm the one whose high risk and having contractions on the bus bcus he's not around to take me to my appointments, I'm the one who can't work and has no money but he's not giving me a dime or even offering to give me anything. He puts in a 1/2 *** effort and thinks i should ******* congratulate him for it. No you give me all of it or don't even bother. I have been thinking that it's wonderful tha tI ended up in a relationship with a guy I can barely stand sometimes, and it's even more wonderful that now I am carrying his child. I try to get away but find myself him to be there, longing for him. Guess I'm a glutten for punishment. I should've walked away when he lost my trust by having intimate email relationships with girls on myspace. Dude you're 30 what kinda perv are you to be hitting on 18 y.o. girls on myspace. I give him all of me and it ****** me off that I get nothing for it in return minus a hey you're fantastic once a month or so. and I love that his wors and his actions are never in the same suit. Figures I'd end up like this.
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1 Response Feb 3, 2007

I HATE being the bearer of bad news, but... Yep, you're wasting breath and life on this guy. He's 30... he's not changing any time too soon!! He has no intentions of being a productive father or mate. He's either easing out of the relationship now, or waiting til the baby comes, so he can blow away like the wind and not be blamed for putting you under undue stress. There it is. You've got a rough road ahead. The only thing you can do now is concentrate on giving your baby the best of YOU!