I Love Him Too Much

I would prefer not had met him because, althouth he's my soul mate, and my life was boring and depressing before I met him, I feel a love so deep for him that sometimes I can't stand it. He's miles away and I know he loves me and he wants to end up with me too. Everytime I think about him I get crazy because it hurts so much love I have for him. He tells me in the phone that since he met me he's crazy too and he doesn't understand why he has so many feelings about me. Welcome to the soul mates love. It's the most beautiful and pure love in the world, but it has its disadvantages, like everything in this world: when you are not together you feel unease, imcompleteness and pain. But I trust God and I believe this suffering will have a reward. 

lonelines4howlong lonelines4howlong
22-25, F
Mar 10, 2009