I Love This Guy And Untill Now I Thought He Did It Too But Now Im Confused

So i have been talking to this guy for 1year and 4 months.We have been talking off and on during this time about everything and we started to get feelings for each other after first just being best friends at skype. After we had gotten feelings for each others our talks got even more serious and after 3 months he officially said that he really wanted to say that he loves me but wanted to wait untill he meets me. I got so excited but at the same time confused because i liked him but didn't know if it was true feelings since i never meet this guy in real life i had only talked o him and video chatted. Even if i was confused i talked to my parents and we desided to let me go to him.

So last saturday i went to see him for the first time. This was a big thing because we talked so much and he lives 5 hours from me. We had an amazing and very emotionall weekend. It was the best weekend i have had for a long time. When going home he was so sad i keept telling him summer is soon here and i know many people who has distance relationships. He kkept being sad and i went home. When i left i got the cutest text but after that he hasn't had any contact with me. I wrote to him but he ignored the later he told me he had been busy but he said it in such way i know somethings wrong. He sounded very strange in his text and i cant help wondering why he acted like that. I dont understand what's wrong he has since then ignoring me and that is something he would never do before.

i don't know what to do, i do have feelings for him and even if we haven't any relationship i keep telling guys who is flirting with me that i do have a boyfriend. Please help me i really like this guy and want him so bad even if he makes me so confused. He even told me i would be his if i came too see him and he proved that right when i was there but then he got strange when i came home.

help me guys
girlwhowonders girlwhowonders
May 5, 2012