My Boyfriend

i love him. he means the world to me. i've overlooked alot of things to be with him. it was a complicated situation and i agreed to deal with it. Now, he is out of that situation and things are getting better for us. well, they were, at least. we moved in together 9 days ago. it's new and scary but i know that i love him with all my heart. well, Sunday morning he left for work and hasn't been home since then. he told me last night that he needs his space and time to think. i dont know what ive done wrong. i do everything for him. i am good to him and i dont sleep around on him. i just dont get it. he swears that we aren't breaking up but i find it hard to believe. I've been down this road before and these chain of events are all too familiar. i dont know what to think or do. i dont even know what to say to him. i just know that i love him and i would be lost if i lose him. my heart hurts. im sad and scared. i want to crawl in a hole and just stop existing.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Not knowing all the detail but I would say give him a little time he may have been feeling smothered and want to get back to himself. He needs to come home and talk with you about it. If it's so thing he's not use to then let him know he can tell you and you two can work it out. It does take adjustment living with some one when you've been living alone for a while. Idk if it helps but try to keep a open mind and let him know he needs to talk with you so you two can compromise on things and learn to live with each other. The key is saying it in a loving matter and not to hurt each other. Good luck and best wishes that it works out.