Dam Its Hard To Let Go

I loved someone so much that I would have done anything for them,I reget everyday losing him he was my" the one " he completed me time stood still when I was with with him. He made me feel so specail like there was no one on earth compared to me.

And he loved my child too a nd that's hard to find someone willing to take on another man's child . mind you things weren't always that great he came from a past that haunted him and prevented from opening up to me fully, which was painful to me because I wanted all his love and affection I wanted to be his one and only, I wanted to be his wife and possibly the mother of his children.

when the realtionship stood still for the longest time I wasn't happy anymore I lied to myself and him for what I really wanted.

So when the opurtunity arised with my child's dad to start seeing his child came in to the picture I thought I got selfish and thought I could get what I want out of life with him. not caring tht he needed some reflection done in his life first.

But because their was a past connecetion there we thought we could sart where we left off, which was not that right thing either because where we left off was him cheating on me, and I swore that I would have never given him another chance but I broke my own promise.

we produced children together but to only find out later the mental illness he had could be genetically given to my children.

So eveyday I sit kicking myself for doing what I did to my only true love and man it hurts bad loving him from afar.

there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about him.
eeyoresmuse eeyoresmuse
31-35, F
May 19, 2012