I Love Him He Loves Me But That's It

there is that guy that is in same class with me in cram school let's name him "T" he is cute smart to me the perfect guy I never felt special about him till one day I saw him sheking out some girl and it made real mad then I knew that I felt more about him each time I try to talk to him I'm blocked even tough I'm livly and make jokes all the time beside him I can't say anything but than I noticed him staring at me during class it was like 10 minutes without even blinking and he did it like all the time then I thougt that's it he likes me back . . .I was so happy like a kid who recived his most wanted toy and I was so about confessing to him I talked about it to my best freind and she told me that I better not cause he is kinda well in the bad side of society (uptown/downtown) thing but it didn't matter to me I realy love him, but some girl over heard us and told him every thing he went braggin to his freinds saying she'll have to pay me 150$ for each dait and he would'nt think about dating otherwise it hurted me so much reading or seeing a love confession in tv makes my heart ake cause of what happend but he kept starring at me he gets in a bad mood when I'm sweet talking to guys even when I'm just joking T evesdrop on me and some cute other guy who has a cruch on me he'd make shure I'm not alone with a guy that I may take a linking to once joking with my best guy freind who's name start by O he said dont talk to other gus only and I jokingly enswerd well my husbent dosen't want to T said even tought he never talkes to me he grumbuld "who's you husbent" with a nervous smile what doeas he realy think of me and why even after all this afer 1 year I just can't take my eyes him just like he stares at me all the we could have been very happy together we could be each others big love but he just doesn't take the step and wont let me do it either ..
lylia55 lylia55
18-21, F
May 24, 2012