When You Love Your Guy Bestfriend And He Doesn't

You were once more than just a friend to him, but you had lots of misunderstandings and fights, then he gave up on you. When you finally realized and told him that you love him so much, he doesn't feel the same anymore, and he wants to be just your bestfriend. He made it clear that he doesn't wanna keep your hopes up that there's still a chance that you might end up as a couple in the future. But you love him so much that it hurts to act like you're just besftriends with him when you do love him more than that. He told you to find some other guys who can love you back, but you love him so badly that you wanna be around him even if you're just bestfriends. Should you continue fighting for possibly very slight chance to end up with him? OR should you just accept that he's just not into you anymore? He loved you for 3 years when you didn't feel the same back then, and he got fed up already. Would you still hope that he still loves you and fight for your love?

You love your bestfriend so much,but he doesn't feel the same.Would you keep on hoping on your possible future together?
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

honestly i would, tho its probably best to move on