I Can't Tell How I Am With This Guy Let Me Tell You When...

My brother has a bestfriend who stays at lot in my house is been a year since his staying but i know him way far back when we were in grade school.. So this was it around the summer in may hes been saying that he liked me and felt so attracted he has been saying it around for weeks until one night he kissed me and said he wasn't joking we got really close for the summer went to movies,mall,parks,lakes well of course my mom thought it was a friendly hang out and no one notice it, everything was amazing until one time we decided to stop i mean if we date is no more sleeping over and mom wouldn't think the same about us blah.. So he met  this girl in august who lives 2 hours away he only sees her at weekends but he keeps kissing me and still have feelings for me is just not only kissing and messing around for fun there was always something everytime hes with her or with his friends sorta like stares at me and like look away with that face of missing or like 'Man what should i do?' i dont know what to think anymore im always thinking about him is diferrent and the feelings are mutual What should i do, i don't wanna keep falling for him and his girlfriend is so nice and we get along i better move on i keep trying HELP!?
NagiKyou NagiKyou
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012