Feeling Betrayed..

I met this guy about 9 months ago and recently weve become really close. I figured out that i do have feelings for him and they are quite big. I gave him my password for facebook and he started talking to my friends on it, one of which was my best friend julie. He started flirting with her and it really hurt me inside because i like him so much. He doesnt know this and i dont know how to tell him because i dont want it to ruin our friendship ): the way he was talking to her made me feel like nothing and she knows that i like him but carried on anyway even though i could see it all. I hate her for it but i cant fall out with her. Shes my best friend. I dont know what to say to her and if i should tell the guy i like him and i dont know how to ): someone help me ):
HannaahGrace HannaahGrace
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Tell him. Or let someone else hint it to him. Don't scared and don't lose to your own best friend. She might actually trying to help you. By doing so, she is convincing you to be brave and express your emotions. Tell that guy you like him. Tell him NOW without hesitation. Live in the moment.