....and he doesn't even fight to keep us together. Any thing goes wrong....any bump in the road...and he's ready to drop me like a bad habit. He drinks too much...swears too much...calls me names...belittles me....I am starting to feel like I'm as crazy and dumb as he says I am. I'm in a toxic relationship but I'm I'm in love with who he is when he's not all those horrible things. He's a good man deep down...he's a scared man...insecure...and afraid of being vulnerable. He loves me one minute and is kicking me to the curb the next. But I don't give up on him...what if there is something wrong...bipolar? Anger? Or just seeing if I'm real? He liked to play games and **** with people....esp. me. Those moments when he grabs me and kisses me...I feel all my pain slip away. I'm not broken in those moments. He keeps me together and tears me apart over and over again. Am I forcing something that really isn't there? I can't be...all the years we've known each other and the connections that keep bringing us back together can't be for nothing.
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its called co-dependant. and one minute he does love you an the next hate you. thats called bi-polar. if he is doing nothing to fix himself then you need to do something to fix you. as...no person can fix another only themselves. so...time to see a counselor about one of two possible issues you have going on. Either your co-dependant or just plain crazy. because what youre discribing isnt love. It is giving you just enough to stay in the relationship but not enough to be happy. Thats what we refer to as manipulating. time to look out for you, fix what you going on and introduce him to the front door.