I love him, he has blocked me on everything today so there is no longer anyway I can talk to him. I never did anything to him. I tried to get to know his 'friend' better to find out more information about him but it backfired.

He argued with me and told me to leave him alone. He then blocked me on everything. He has NO idea how much he means to me although i do tell him.

I try anything to make him happy and do everything he tells me to do like send pictures to him ect. I do not understand what more he wants that I do not have. He has said that i 'do not look bad' because therefore meaning he doesn't think i am ugly.

We've been talking non stop basically every day since January now its stopped. Over. Bam like that.

I love everything about him, i don't even know why. And yes i have tried to get over him so many times, but they never worked. I would love to just forget about him but i can't.

He's only really ever been horrible to me so i don't understand why i like him so much, even if he just insults me i just ignore it. I always compliment him, i put in so much effort to make him happy and now it's just gone all thrown in my face. I hate my life at the moment.
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He still hasn't spoke to me since ):

You deserve someone that treats you with respect, friendship and then love. Do not waste another moment thinking about him. It is kind of like escaping hell, but then returning. Look at all the domestic violence in the media lately. Some of them men are habitual offenders and the women still go back to them. Do not be one of those that misses some guy that treated you horrible.

I understand your heart is broken because of the way it all ended, but at the same time be grateful that there is a good man out there waiting to be your everything ;)

Big Hugs Beautiful and have a great weekend! Go have fun and flirt with several guys ;)

I agree with a few that said ignore him. Do not act like a "stalker" (what he may perceive) by constantly trying to contact him.

You deserve better, you even mentioned that he treated you horrible. The right guy will find you and treat you like a princess.

It just might be a competitive spirit in you not wanting to lose, or fail in your mind. Let this loser go so you can live and love life with the right guy. (:

you should add me instead!!! lol

I bet you money if u ignore him he will be messaging u in a couple days

Haha i wish that was true

He will trust me just ignore him

Things could be worse my boyfriend is locked up in jail we have a fourth month old son together and were not allowed to tall because a judge issued a order of protection .weve been together two years and now we cant talk untill the judge drops it and we have a kid.

Aw I'm sorry to hear that ): hope it all goes well for you soon!

I just went through the same thing. Except I only wanted to talk to him and he got mad and said that me and him weren't friends anymore. He hasn't blocked me from anything, but he will view my snapchat stories and snap me once in a while, making it seem like he is snapchatting it to everyone, but I think he isn't that mad anymore and thinks I'm the one who's mad at him now, but my mom doesn't want me to talk to him after I told her all he's put me through and idk, in a way it's like he tried to contact me that one day, but he lost me and I'll never speak to him again. I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a similar situation, you will be okay and eventually get over him. I was in love with the person I was with, but he later proved to me that what we had wasn't love and he only wanted me for all the wrong reasons.

I forgot to add, when he snapchats me I never answer.

Thankyou for understanding, it's hard to talk to people about it because they don't really understand. I didn't do anything to extreme, I told him I would block the friend of his I tried to talk to ect. He did over react though.. He hasn't blocked me on kik (a messenger thing) but he just sees my messages and doesn't reply. It's horrible. But he has deleted me from snapchat ect. Thankyou for that, it's nice to know I am not the only one (: some guys can be real dicks! Hopefully I do get over him, as he has only ever brought me sadness

Sounds like it's a good think he blocked you. He sounds like an a-hole who doesn't care about you. & you're just letting him walk all over you. It's going to make him respect you even less.

It does hurt, especially when you didn't do anything that horrible and it was one little thing not even worth getting mad about. The guy will regret he left you and by then you will be doing way better than he is and maybe even happier than him because you moved on and showed him you aren't hurt or bothered by him anymore. :) the situation with my guy, he sees all my snapchat stories with me smiling, talking about my day and hanging out with my friends, not even mentioning him or look like I'm sad because of him. I don't let him have the power to control my feelings and I showed him I don't need him, now he's slowly trying to talk to me. But I'd say if he's treating you that way just ignore him and spend time with family, relax and take some time for yourself, hang out and talk to lots of friends and try to get your mind off him and he will just be a distant memory in no time. :) you are a beautiful and strong girl, it was the guys loss to leave a nice girl like you, he probably won't find that anytime soon because karma will hit him hard for all he's done.

Thankyou so much, you've been a real help! (:

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