How Do You Stop Loving Someone??

How do you really stop loving someone?? How do you teach your heart to forget a person and its memories and impact on you?

It's been more than a year since we broke up and although it doesn't hurt that much anymore I still feel the weight of your gravity upon me.. those random memories that keeps flashing on my mind , that I really can't help but feel so weak realizing that you're gone and have lived a different life without me....


I have never loved anyone else as much I have loved you and I'm not even sure If I will ever find love again ... I love you so much that it hurts so bad. Missing you so much that I wish I never even met you...the only mistakes I know I ever did is to love you that much ...

Why do I deserve to feel this pain? Why do I have to wake up every day and see just about anything that reminds me of you? It doesn't help to think that you have moved on and might not even be thinking about me the same way I do... arghhh if only there's a way for me to stop my heart from I tried my best to move on and forget you... I did everything ... I even fooled everyone thinking that I have picked up the pieces and made them think I'm doing fine without you... only if they knew the inside me .. every part of me is screaming for you...

I know that there's nothing I can do to bring you back to me.. you're gone and chose a life without me in it.. and much as I want to be a part of that life, I might as well wish that you're happy and have found a good life ...

I still love you and I truly hope someday, and someway , I would learn to completely let you go ... I miss you so badly ...please teach me how to stop loving you...

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you don't just stop loving somebody. You learn to live life without them.

its been 4 years and the last time I kissed him I was sure it was my last kiss.. the taste of him hurts the sweet smell of ... I miss him and by now I know he has got married but leaving me hurt leaving me wit nothing bit pain that I carry around

im so tired of people asking me dat am I fine? NO im not the love of my life is gone...

I dated someone for a year and I am so in love with him. I can't get over all the experiences we shared in the last year. He completely hates me for reasons I still don't understand since he got a new job and wants nothing to do with me. I am in love with a guy who won't even take my friendship. I just keep thinking I m not good enough for anyone after this experience and I ll never be able to trust another guy again. I have never felt more broken. We broke up 7 weeks ago but I saw him a few days ago and since then everything has spiraled out of control. How do you stay strong to move on and not look back?

i let her go so that her mom would be happy

Amazing, it hurt so much but time heals a broken heart!!

this how i feel after letting go the love of my life i really do feel i will always have him in my heart till the end.

Force yourself to remember the good things. Find the reasons to smile about what was. From the depths of your sorrow your can experience joy. And when you can smile while the tears run down your face look around at the world. It will seem so beautiful you could hardly imagine. And anyone who sees you will be drawn to you. Will smile at you. Will say hello. Life is constant change. Permanent impermanency. You grieve because you are attached to the past, and have not replaced it. But it does not come as quickly as we would like, does it? Opportunities exist around us everywhere all the time. We have to be open to them, whatever they are at the time, without trying to force ourselves to only look for what we think we want. What we want is not in the details, in the picture that we have painted. What we want is simply the happiness of human contact in many forms and the ex<x>pression of ourselves and the fulfilling of our "purpose", whatever that is. And it helps if you get active, excercise, listen only to music that makes you feel good.If you want love in your life, then give love. Happiness is inside you to have. Smile and that alone will make you feel better. Find things to make you laugh.

Remember the love. Choose to feel the love. I know you wish you still had that in your arms now. It was a gift. Cherish it for what it was, when it was. For all things are temporary and have their time and purpose. Remember what it feels like to be that happy. That is what you carry with you. Feel blessed that you are in love with someone. Practice that over and over until it sticks. No matter what they said or did that wronged you in anyway. Take the good with you.
Everything will fade. The past is gone. The only effect it has on you now is what you make it.
Take this time to work on yourself. Find the things the make you happy. Get out and do something new. Take risks. Strengthen communication with family and friends and meet new people
That person taught you many valuable lessons. Be grateful so that you will make good use of them in the future.
Decide that what you will feel is love and happiness and an open heart. Let that be what is in you chest, the smile on your face, the light in your eyes, the height you hold your head. That is what you deserve and you already have it.
When you smile you feel better. It just happens. Think of the things that make you smile. It is like exercising when you are out of shape. Be gentle and patient with yourself but keep at it.

people lose their hearts when they love. But i most myself within him.. I feel like theres no one else in this world made for me..
I promised him i would love him till infinity and forever.. but this wasnt foreverr.. This was ****.. I feel like some cheap used ****..
As much as i wish i had u i kind of dont want u anymore

Its been a year since we broke up too.. I l love him sooo much... i still think i cant live without him

I feel as if you told my story and the way I lost my true love too just about 3 weeks ago and I lost him unfortunately because he found out that his ex-fiance had taken her own life....It's almost as if he had not closed those doors with her and now he wants to hold onto her...just 2 months ago, he was telling me how much he loved me and crying on the phone telling me how happy he was.....and now this...He's destroyed me inside and out and I, too, hope that I can live and just move on with my life because It's still difficult to stop loving him....Thanks for your story:)

I feel you so much. I am in the first few weeks of my break with my husband. He cheated on me and left. We were married 7 months. Together 5 years.

I know how this feels all too well. My heart belongs to someone who will never love me and I'm ashamed to say that I cry every single day because it hurts so much that I can't have him in my life that way I want him. Sometimes it hurts so much I can barely breathe. I never wanted this, it just happened and now it's all I do is hurt and cry. I hate this I just wish it would stop.

I know how you feel. Your confession made me cry... I feel you.

I'm currently with my man. He's 55 and I'm 19. We fell in love so exponentially and I'm trying to stay away from thinking about him 24/7 till it's affecting my studies. I don't even care if I do well... I just keep wanting to spend time with him, to be with him, and just immerse ourselves in each others love. But we know as my exam is drawing near, he wants me to do well and that I would need all the time from now till then (1 month) to fully focus on the preparation. Initially, I had suggested we meet every other day, but I soon realize how much I would miss him and look forward to the time I would meet him, and I would spend most of my time doing nothing much but daydream about being in his arms. And right now I feel as though I love him so so much - too much - it hurts! It's like I'm going insane and he's becoming my obsession. And I don't know what to do. :'( I can't really study... as there is too much to and each moment without him brings me closer to insanity.

I can't wait for this month to be over. I wish it will end soon.

i have passed that time, like you r having now. just enjoy the time when you grow up , that feeling will end. i was 17 that time n i still in senior high school, n my man was 47. N now i m 24, when i remember those time in the past, i feel happy.

I've been dating this guy for 5 years and we just ended it. but he says he still loves me and he just isn't ready for a relationship. I don't know what to do. one minute he's all over me hugging me and wanting to kiss me then hes ignoring me the next. since I love him so much I want to let him kiss me and stuff and not have to date me but my strong side of me is saying he's screwing with my mind.

Stay strong and listen to the gut feeling within you. Trust your gut and try to silence the heart and mind.

I feel the same, hope it gets better

I'm reading what you wrote and thinking to myself… I wrote almost the same exact thing a few months ago. My ex broke up with me in August 2010 and my life hasn't been the same ever since. Every day I miss him, sometimes I stay up crying and praying for him to come back to my life. I remember all of the nights he told me he loved me and couldn't believe he found me, couldn't wait to spend life with me. Our relationship felt like magic, I knew how much he loved me. A few months later, he turned a complete 180 on me. I didn't really feel like I knew who he was anymore. I had already fallen for him all the way, every time he kissed me I wanted to melt. I couldn't just break up with him after the way he changed on me. My heart was just way too invested. At that point, I was scared. I spent the next 6 months after that just working so hard to make myself perfect for him. I never felt like I was good enough anymore. It was really just such a mind fck. By the time our relationship ended, I was really screwed up in the head. I didn’t know how to deal with life. I didn’t want to walk into a room, knowing that he wasn’t there by my side. I felt like dying. But honestly, I have so much faith in myself. I am hopeful that things will be better in the future. I don’t want to be mad at him anymore. I just want to be happy and I’m working on that. You should work on that too. It’s not easy, but we’ll get through it. It doesn’t kill us, but it makes us stronger. Life is not over, this is our chance for a new beginning. We didn’t mess anything up, but now is our chance to make the next one better. You can let it take the best of you or you can let this heartache make a more beautiful person than you already are.

this is just how its is with us . I havee noo idea iff he loves me . I even fool myself into thinking im ovr him but iff I just see him once , the memories come back & I fall for him again .

I fell inlove with my bestfriend, we would hangout every single moment we could. He fell for me first (or so he said/thought) but it wasn't until after he left that I realized that I was head over heels inlove with him. He was what made me breathe and want to wake up in the morning. Whenever I thought of getting married he was the one I saw, whenever I imagined having kids it was his kids that I was having. Three years later and if someone asks me to imagine my life in 20 years he's still in it. The worse part is that he fell inlove with my bestfriend and he still calls her when he's drunk about how much he misses her and she makes me listen to the voicemails over and over again cause she thinks I'm over him. He was my first and only love. He set the standards so high that no other guy has or ever will be able to measure up. I start to get over him but something always brings me back. We only dated a short while because I moved but I moved back and I feel like me and him never really had our opportunity to really try and have a real, longterm relationship. He's dated other girls since me and I've dated other guys but he seems to be so much better off without me. He also occasionally tries to contact me saying he misses being friends and it usually results in us agreeing to hookup. H always reels me back in the casts me back out into a lonely shark-infested ocean that I call life.<br />
So I'm going to have to say that this feelings is never going to go away, you just have to find someone better than him. Find other activities to just try to keep your mind off him. Of course you'll have a night or two where all you'll want to do is call him and cry over his memory but you eventually just learn to forget about him, or at least to not think of him as much. I'm SO sorry you have to go through this and I wish you the best of luck.

You can't.<br />
I haven't fallen out of love with one person for four solid years. Everyone seems so tasteless and boring after him. For you, if you still love him, I'd try to hook up with him again.

that is why love hurts, the feeling of rejection because of a love not reciprocated is killing, and can eat away at you,i feel your pain, sometimes i think i love too much too deep, too intense.i send you a hug, thinking of you.

that is why love hurts, the feeling of rejection because of a love not reciprocated is killing, and can eat away at you,i feel your pain, sometimes i think i love too much too deep, too intense.i send you a hug, thinking of you.

that is why love hurts, the feeling of rejection because of a love not reciprocated is killing, and can eat away at you,i feel your pain, sometimes i think i love too much too deep, too intense.i send you a hug, thinking of you.

i feel your pain :/<br />
only thing is, with me, me and him are still together.<br />
i wake up every morning wondering if this will be the day he starts loving me agian.<br />
i dont know what i would do without him.<br />
this is why your story scares me is because im in pain now i dont want to be in any more pain :(<br />
and if i walk out, or if he does, i wonder what it wil do to me and if it will hurt more than being with him.<br />
but at the same time, your story makes me realise im not alone.<br />
and in an odd way, its soothing.<br />
we both feel a horrible amount of indescribable pain, even if it may be 2 different situations.<br />
im hoping people are right when they say one day we will one day feel no pain,<br />
and that one day we will learn to stop loving them.<br />
im sure its true, i just wonder when.